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Know someone who might want to be a tutor? If so, please Click here to refer. Do you run a Tuition Center or a Coaching Center? If yes then please Click here.

How it works

There are no charges to sign up and to have your submitted profile approved and be listed as a tutor on our website.
Tutors decide their own hourly fees. Our basic model is to keep a percentage of the tutor's earnings as a "transaction fee." We do not charge tutors until they get paid by students for tutoring sessions.
To give students an additional reason to choose Eduwizards, students who take tutoring with Eduwizards Tutors get Cash Coupons for Practice Exams and Solutions(choice of Web, CD, Tablet or Mobile), which they can redeem at This bonus for student is at no cost to the tutor.
Home Tutoring

We connect tutors to students in their area for Face-to-face home tutoring. This tutoring can take place at student's home or tutor's home.

Online Tutoring

Tutors who have steady broadband internet with power backup can also do Online Tutoring from home and teach students across India.

If online tutor also has Excellent English and Neutral Accent then tutor can also give Online Tutoring directly to USA and other international students, and charge in U.S. Dollars. Remittance from Eduwizards to tutor would be equivalent of USD in INR.