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As per the parents the tutor was good.

Class I - VIII MathematicsBansh, India

I am so pleased..this is an awesome team!!

College AlgebraSaundra, US

Excellent tutor with interactive teaching methodology

Class X PhysicsShishir, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

She was very patient and helpful. I know have a better understanding of exponents.

College Calculus I & IIJamie, US

Teaching style is good .

Class I - VIII Basic ComputersRam, Samskruthi, Hyderabad

The greatest tutor on this site! Highly reccomend using her she can help you in less than 20 minutes!!!!!!!

College AccountingJoseph, US

She taught me according to my level

College English Reading and WritingAmit, India

Nice, very convenient...

College AlgebraRoland, US

Tutor is good.

Class I - VIII MathematicsKaran, Kasturba Nagar (South Delhi), New Delhi

Great job.

College Calculus I & IIThomas, US


Class I - VIII MathematicsKhushi, Distt. Court Complex, Saket, New Delhi

Thank you!

College Calculus I & IIMonicaDurham, US

The tutor was good.

Class XII PhysicsZoya, India

Great session! The tutor was on time and explained all of my questions. In one case provided written explanation of the rules when I was not understanding. E

College AlgebraElza, US

Very good

Class IX MathematicsJahnvi, India

Thank u

College SpanishMichole, US

Excellent Teacher with great skills

Class XII PhysicsHarshit, Padam Nagar (North Delhi), New Delhi

I learned a lot during this session and I look forward to working with tutor again.

College Earth SciencesJennie, US

Good Teacher

JEE Advanced - PhysicsMD, India

Broke the math down well

College AlgebraPaul, US

Best tutions received till date. Sir has the best knowledge of Maths and Science

Class X MathematicsJatin, Arjun Nagar, Gurgaon

Thank you very much! Very helpful!

College Physics (General)Zachary, US

Tutor is good, no issue with her.

Class I - VIII MathematicsShreyansh, Andheri, Mumbai

Great work. Thanks

College AccountingCalvin, US

Excellent tutor, cleared all doubts and helped me with the concepts, step by step.

Class XI PhysicsRishik, Other, New Delhi

Excellent... I understand how to do it now where I did not before... that's all that matters!

College AlgebraMichael, US

Good tutor.

Class XI AccountancySanjay, Gurgaon Sector 56, Gurgaon

Thanks Raj, you are very helpful and patient! no question is a dumb question with you.

College Calculus I & IIMatthew, US

Tutor is having a good knowledge and understanding as well.

Class XII MathematicsDebaditya, Kandivali West, Mumbai

Always a big help. Highly recommend.

College AlgebraGina, US

As per parents tutor is very good

Class I - VIII MathematicsTanya, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi

The work was also great and the MATLAB assignment very thought out

College Physics (General)Dillon, US


Class I - VIII MathematicsVijaya, Dr Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai

I actually did not have a microphone but she helped me a lot through the chat and did an amazing job explaining glycolysis to me.

College Biology (General)KaraHuff, US

The tutor was good.

Class I - VIII MathematicsGopal, A.Gs Office, Hyderabad

Hello great tutoring. answer the problems in details thank you so much

College Chemistry (Organic)Reem, US

After long time i found my good accountancy teacher.

Class XII AccountancyTapash, Kalkaji, New Delhi

Thank you for your help!

College AccountingJim, US

Tutor is very good

Class I - VIII MathematicsAnsh, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi

Very knowledgeable tutor

College Calculus I & IIJohn, US

Will continue with the same tutor

Class X SanskritAmaya, Gokhale Road (Thane), Thane

Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my AP exam; i feel confident in the materials we reviewed!!

College Biology (General)Max, US

Really very nice and had a nice time learning with the tutor

Class I - VIII EnglishMahi, Lalpur (Ranchi), Ranchi


College Calculus I & IITimothy, US

Student was satisfied with the tutor

College Economics (General)Aachal, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi

¡gracias jessica! tengas un buen fin de semana. disfruté hablar contigo.

College SpanishBrittainy, US

Teaching is very impressive. Now I wanted to know days of teaching in a week or fee for classes.

Class I - VIII MathematicsAgrim, N.S.I.T. Dwarka, New Delhi

This was a good start for my assignment. I was COMPLETELY lost! thanks!

College Business (General)Tiffany, US

Good tutor having great knowledge and patience with student.

Class I - VIII EnglishAnupama, Chander Nagar, Ghaziabad

Yes everything is fine. It could have been more clear (more steps) but I\'ll leave that for the review. Thank you.

MathematicsJose, US

No complaint with the tutor, she was good.

Class I - VIII MathematicsDhivya, Mylapore, Chennai

I only had trouble with the voice feature even after I passed the audio test. Looking forward to our next session.

College Discrete MathematicsDana, US


Class I - VIII MathematicsNeha, Mehrauli, New Delhi

That was a very good session

College AlgebraDayna, US

Unique and good teaching style....thank u

Class XII PhysicsNinad, Borivali East, Mumbai

Please extend my thanks and gratitude to the tutor who have work and help me with the assignment. The work is excellent and have met all required objectives. I

College MarketingYaya, US

The content of teaching with the good approach. Best were the examples given to relate the things

Class XII MathematicsAnish, India

It was great...

College AccountingLan, US

The tutor knows his subject and has demonstrated command over the subject. He also explained with a lot of examples so that the topics are well received by

Class IX Social ScienceNayak, Malad East, Mumbai

Very great tutor, assisted better than my professor so far

College Calculus I & IIDervhane, US

Thanks for sending the tutor , In one interaction it is difficult to provide the correct rating , hence as per my brief interaction and feedback form the studen

Class I - VIII MathematicsVarun, Srpf, Pune

Madhavi is such a nice lady. She has patience and understands you. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows what strategies to use to explain the material. I l

College Calculus I & IILillian, US

Profile rating given according to student

Class I - VIII MathematicsAshmit, Noida, Noida

She was amazing to work with, 5 stars, highly recommend

College AlgebraBrandon, US

Tutor is well mannered, had good subject knowledge.

Class I - VIII MathematicsRanbir, Chander Nagar, Ghaziabad

Work was outstanding and acceptable.

College Environmental ScienceGil, US

The tutor is competent and my son is comfortable with her. Further, we want all subject teacher/tutor for my both kids.

Class I - VIII MathematicsArunabh, Sunder Vihar, New Delhi

Very helpful.

College Discrete MathematicsJunko, US

Everything that was marked important appeared in the exam. Plus, learning is fun because he knows how students can feel the subject and solve difficult problems

Class XII PhysicsAditi, Mahaveer Nagar Kota, Kota

The tutor's work was excellent . Thank you very much.

College Biology (Genetics)Maria, US

Great teacher......Superb style of teaching.

Class XI ChemistryVaibhav, Kanjhawla, New Delhi

Really good professor. Makes things quick and simple.

College Calculus I & IIHaris, US

Good tutor

Class XII AccountancyHarshit, Gurgaon Sector 56, Gurgaon

Thanks, it was done well.

College Calculus I & IIJohn, US


Class X MathematicsHARINARAYANAN, Thygarayanagar, Chennai

Very thorough

College Calculus I & IIRickyJackson, US

Very good

College StatisticsAmeet, Bhandup West, Mumbai

She was really patient and helped me in any way that she could. While other tutors would make up excuses because they didn't understand the question. She took h

College Calculus I & IIElyanna, US

My kid was never interested in Biology before but after this session with tutor he is showing interest in biology. I am very happy and satisfied will continue w

Class X PhysicsGautam, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

He is awesome, everything was correct and every detail was clarified. Thank u so much.

College Electronics and Electrical EngineeringAlejandro, US

HIs explanation and subject knowledge is good

Class XII PhysicsShivi, Noida Sector 37, Noida

Great tutor. A+++++++++

College Discrete MathematicsJay, US

She is good tutor

Class I - VIII Advance ComputersILINA, Defence Colony (South Delhi), New Delhi

Kelly E did an amazing job answering my questions with little information given to her. I highly recommend her for your ETHICS questions. She delivered exactl

College PhilosophyLynnette, US

Explains very nicely and patently

Class I - VIII MathematicsTitiksha, India

Excellent explanation. Very Helpful. Thanks!

College Chemistry (General)Garrett, US


Class I - VIII EnglishVidhi, Noida, Noida

Nice job!

College Calculus I & IIAlexPascoe, US

She is a very nice and an intelligent girl. She taught my son Reiki very well.

Class I - VIII MathematicsHari, Andrewsganj, New Delhi

Very thorough and conscious of my areas of concern. Prepared in the topic areas that I requested and helpful in laying out the material step-by-step.

College Biology (General)Reimnitz, US

Dedicated teacher I have not met such an experienced teacher in my life .

Class IX - XII FrenchSanchit, Krishna Nagar, New Delhi

This was the first time I was able to communicate with the tutor from my headset. She went out of her way to make sure I understood the problems. she also prov

College AlgebraKyle, US

The tutor should be rated 4.

Class I - VIII SciencePranav, Noida, Noida

Explains out problems well, involves student in solving them once they get he hang of it.

College Physics (General)Rachel, US

It is amazing and I am understanding it well

Class I - VIII MathematicsKaavya, Defence Colony (South Delhi), New Delhi

Assignment help was late but grade was still good

College FinanceRosa, US

Same as always. Best

Class X MathematicsAbhimannyu, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


College Linear AlgebraAaron, US

The tutor was good.

Class IX - XII Microsoft OfficeKaushal, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi

I was very satisfied with Gowtham..He was very polite and well mannered and very helpful.

College Calculus I & IIJonathan, US

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