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    Free ESL Test


    Practice makes perfect! For non-native English learners who want to improve their English speaking, writing and reading capabilities, Eduwizards has launched a new product that provides free English tests and exercises online for students to practice on.

    These free online ESL tests are designed for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced learners. By using these tests, students at each level can assess their ability to understand Standard American English. Our ESL tests are ingenuously configured to test the non-English speaking student in diverse aspects of the English language like English Grammar, Listening Comprehension, vocabulary, reading, speaking and writing English. Eduwizards free ESL online tests cover each of these attributes in detail, taking the student through tests of increasing difficulty at multiple proficiency levels with rates of speaking, reading and writing, diction, vocabulary and usage of idiomatic and metaphorical language being critical features of each test.

    At the lower proficiency levels, the free online ESL tests offered by Eduwizards use speech, reading and writing materials that are in harmony with the English Language proficiency levels of beginners. Gradually, the tests make measured progress and advance to tests of increasing complexity and intricacy as the learner gains in confidence. The test content of each level varies with the growing skill and adeptness of the English language learner and his increasing familiarity with the language.

    All free ESL tests presented by Eduwizards comprehensively cover the following basic features of the English Language:

    • ESL Listening – These tests assess a student's ability to understand listening material of increasing difficulty from the basic to higher levels. The test's aim is to measure listening and comprehending skills rather than short term memory.
    • ESL Reading – These reading skills tests assess students for recognition and manipulation of the English Language in two major areas - Referring (reading explicitly stated material) and Reasoning (drawing of inferences from the read passages).
    • ESL Grammar/Usage – This part of the ESL test assesses a student's ability in two specific areas of language usage - Sentence Elements, viz., verbs, subjects and objects, punctuation, capitalization etc. and Sentence Structure and Syntax including word order, clauses and their relationships to agreement and how grammar relates to communication beyond the sentence level.
    • ESL Essay Writing – This area of the ESL test includes honing the essay writing skills of the student and gradually develops proficiency in this critical aspect of the English Language.

    By using the free ESL online tests from Eduwizards in a planned manner, non-native English learners can be assured of perfecting their expertise in written and spoken English and achieving their academic goals with flying colours.

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