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    Stories about Education collected by EduwizardS Staff and Users!

    Education Stories

    States Prepare Public for Common-Core Test Results
    Education Week - Mar 17, 2015
    Even as states begin administering new tests aligned with the Common Core State Standards, they are ramping up efforts to eliminate or minimize public backlash when the scores—widely expected to be...

    Emerging Market Medical Education Goes Digital
    Forbes - Mar 17, 2015
    A shortage of skilled health workers is an acute and ongoing problem in many emerging markets.

    7 Innovative Education Products For The Blind And Visually Impaired
    Forbes - Mar 16, 2015
    Technology innovation is making education for the blind and visually impaired better, cheaper, and more seamlessly integrated into both traditional classroom and online settings.

    High levels of student mobility mean that kids who begin school in poor neighborhoods may not stay there.
    LSE - Mar 11, 2015
    Are children born into poor neighborhoods with bad schools destined to remain there? I

    Computing in the Classroom
    Harvard Magazine - Mar 01, 2015
    ON NOVEMBER 11, 1953, psychology professor B.F. Skinner sat in a fourth-grade math class, perturbed. It was Parents Day at his daughter Deborah’s school.

    NASCAR Announces Effort to Promote Math, Science
    The New York Times - Feb 20, 2015
    WASHINGTON — It takes a lot of geometry and physics to get a race car to go 200 laps at speeds that can top 200 mph.

    Common Core lessons aim to close persistent achievement gap
    EdSource - Feb 19, 2015
    Editor’s note: Proponents of the Common Core State Standards – the most ambitious education reform in decades – say the standards will help close the nation’s achievement gap. Just how is that...

    Delaying children's school entry linked to poor academic performance
    Science Daily - Feb 19, 2015
    Delaying school entry for children could cause poorer academic performance, according to new research.

    Community College Online
    Edcentral - Feb 17, 2015
    Since American community college students are more likely to be older, commute to school, work part-time, and care for dependents than their public four-year and private nonprofit counterparts, they...

    Common Core: Testing starts next month
    Argus Leader - Feb 12, 2015
    They say March comes in like a lion.

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