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    Stories about Education collected by EduwizardS Staff and Users!

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    Education Stories

    7 digital curriculum implementation strategies.
    ESchool News - Mar 25, 2014
    School leaders know how important it is to “make the move to digital”—ensuring students are able to access digital tools and resources to cultivate skills such as critical thinking, problem solving,...
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    College students bypassing degrees on purpose.
    Teachers College at Columbia University - Mar 25, 2014
    Kevin Floerke has been down this route before. A student at Santa Rosa Junior College in Northern California, Floerke, 26 years old, already graduated in 2010 from UCLA, where he majored in...
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    Resistance to standardized testing growing nationwide.
    The Washington Post - Mar 25, 2014
    Every week a nonprofit organization called the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, which is dedicated to ending the misuse and abuse of standardized testing (and is better known as FairTest)...
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    Take a look at the Huntsville Middle School lab dubbed 'the next level of education'
    Alabama Media Group - Mar 25, 2014
    If Huntsville Middle School's new classroom gives any indication on what the future of education looks like, students may be getting their lessons in a place that resembles a video arcade.
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    More Nashville parents opt kids out of testing.
    The Tennessean - Mar 25, 2014
    When students at Lockeland Elementary School took their seats for a state writing assessment last month, the third-grade daughter of Jenel Cassidy went to another room and read a book.
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    Why Computer-Scored Essays Could Eliminate the need For Writing Tests.
    WUSF Public Media - Mar 25, 2014
    Florida’s plans to add computerized grading of its new statewide writing test could eventually eliminate the need for a writing test, advocates for the technology said.
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    Modifying the Flipped Classroom: The "In-Class" Version.
    Edutopia - Mar 24, 2014
    So. You've tried flipping your class, and it didn't go well. Or you've heard about flipping and want to try the approach, but you're pretty sure it won't work in your school. Don't give up yet --...
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    The new imperative: Personalising education.
    SmartBrief, SmartBlogs - Mar 24, 2014
    As we continue to focus almost exclusively on core curriculum and tests, we fail to understand that personalized education is our key to success. Over the last few decades, much has been written...
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    Does Duncan Believe in 'Teach to Lead?'
    Education Week - Mar 24, 2014
    If you want to know what someone truly believes, don't listen to what they say. Look at their actions. What they do every day, week, and year will reveal their beliefs more eloquently than any speech.
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    How to dispute one-to-one, mobile learning criticisms.
    ESchool News - Mar 24, 2014
    Ed-tech initiatives will always have critics. But administrators can take action and leverage resources to ensure that their one-to-one and mobile learning initiatives are implemented carefully and...
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