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    Stories about Education collected by EduwizardS Staff and Users!

    Education Stories

    IPS plans to break up middle and high schools
    INDYSTAR - Aug 17, 2016
    Indianapolis Public Schools leaders on Tuesday unveiled an initial restructuring plan that would turn John Marshall Community High School solely into a middle school and begin breaking apart the...

    Online student success is more than the sum of its parts
    Pearson - Aug 16, 2016
    Prior to the last recession in 2007, four out of five jobs lost were considered “low skills” - requiring a high school degree or less, but the employment landscape is dramatically changing. (Source) ...

    Statewide Common Core test scores are up
    Poughkeepsie Journal - Aug 13, 2016
    For the roughly 900,000 students statewide who took the English language arts and math tests, scores were up this year.

    Summer programs help prepare minority students for college STEM
    Los Angeles Times - Aug 11, 2016
    When Oscar Leong graduated from his Los Angeles high school four years ago, he ranked second in his class, with a 4.4 GPA and a scholarship to Swarthmore College, where he planned to major in...

    Student participation, achievement up on N.J. standardized exams
    News Works - Aug 03, 2016
    New Jersey officials say a higher percentage of students met or exceeded expectations in the second year of the controversial PARCC standardized exams. Math and language arts scores improved,...

    Helping Students Balance College And Family
    The Huffington Post - Aug 02, 2016
    Staying in college and persisting to degree completion is challenging for many students. However, it's particularly difficult for students who also are parents.

    Computers will be able to assess humans' state of mind
    Science Daily - Aug 02, 2016
    Machines are taking over more and more tasks. Ideally, they should also be capable to support the human in case of poor performance. To intervene appropriately, the machine should understand what is...

    Up the learning curve: New York City schools make meaningful gains on state tests
    Daiky News - Aug 02, 2016
    New York’s public school kids registered impressive gains on this year’s standardized English test — with the city outpacing the rest of the state to catch up with statewide proficiency rates for the...

    Can learning games replace standardized testing?
    GCN - Aug 02, 2016
    Standardized testing has come under fire from all quarters – student, parents, teachers, administrators and state education departments. So to improve the quality of tests and reduce the amount of...

    Constant changes muddle picture as test scores rise
    The Buffalo News - Aug 02, 2016
    The latest round of state standardized academic test scores showed gains both across New York State and locally.

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