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    Eduwizards Recent News (2013)
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    Our website features the world's best tutors and education-experts. Our tutors are openly ranked and reviewed by students. All our tutors have a Bachelor's degree, or higher qualification. For students we offer Online Tutoring and Assignment Help. Our online tutoring which includes whiteboard, text chat, and voice communication creates a real time one-to-one environment. For institutes we offer bulk tutoring, assessment and content services. We offer both Scheduled and Instant On-Demand tutoring.

    We are a Delaware corporation with our office in New Jersey. (We are expanding internationally and are on course to be a leading multi-national online-education company with operations across various countries).

    Why the name EduWizardS? The "Edu" stands for Education. The capital "S" (plural) at the end of WizardS serves to acknowledge individual talent because we are identifying and making available the very best teacherS and expertS from all over the world -- all the WizardS of education. Thus EduwizardS give students and institutional clients the best value for their money.

    We founded the choose-your-own-tutor model in 2007. "Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery!" We recommend that you go with the real pioneers, not copy-cat companies!

    Some companies use college students as tutors. Why does EduwizardS require a Bachelor's degree?
    Besides tutoring private students who choose their own tutor, we cater to institutional clients (schools, colleges, and various other programs). Most of our institutional clients require (or strongly prefer) tutors with a Bachelor's degree (or higher). Further, College student-tutors get busy with their own studies during final-exams and other peak times. We cannot allow a possibility where the student-tutee suffers because the college student-tutor has to him/herself study, and cannot give full and equal attention year-round. Thus we find that it is best to have tutors who have completed their own studies.

    Online Tutoring Services for Students | Services for Institutions

    Online Tutoring Services for Individual Students

    With 1,00,000 registered students (and growing at an ever-faster rate) Eduwizards is the world's favorite online-tutoring site. Our student reviews are overwhelmingly positive because excellent tutors with best reviews remain and prosper at Eduwizards, while mediocre tutors with bad reviews leave us (and many of these tutors seemingly join our competitors). Students are realizing this, and they want the best tutors -- Eduwizards tutors!

    At Eduwizards, students choose their own tutor. We believe that a tutor who knows well the student’s level, strengths, and weaknesses is a far better proposition for the student. Indeed, in the brick-and-mortar world whoever heard of a different tutor showing up at a student’s house each time.

    To get a feel for our site do a Tutor Search by selecting your Grade Level, then the general Subject Area, and finally the Specific Subject. You will see tutors with profile and other information, along with individual feedback by students.

    Online Tutoring, Online Assessment & Content Services for Institutions

    Eduwizards is an approved SES / NCLB services provider for many states. Besides SES, we cater to a large number of college and school clients. We offer institutional clients excellent Custom Tutoring Programs and Custom Content, using our vast resource of highly qualified experts. The features of tutoring and content related services from Eduwizards are:

    • Eduwizards’ tutoring programs are completely customizable and Eduwizards covers common subjects as well as ALL other subjects and levels. For Institutional clients, we offer
      • Instant Tutoring (Synchronous). Instant Tutoring means students can immediately connect to a live tutor i.e. we have tutors available On-Demand at all times (or, for certain subjects, during specified hours).
      • Scheduled Tutoring (Synchronous). Student schedules a session with a tutor in advance.
      • Essay Submission (Asynchronous). Students can submit an essay and receive detailed feedback within 24 hours.
      • Question Submission (Asynchronous). Students can submit questions and receive an answer within 24 hours.
    • At Eduwizards, ALL tutoring sessions are ALWAYS Voice based and One-on-one. Another key differentiator is that the student can connect with the same tutor every time.
    • We have a proprietary online testing (assessment) system, with a huge database of questions that is used to continuously test students and monitor their progress.
    • Eduwizards content services include CCSS standards based content development for all levels. CCSS Assessment items writing include Selected Response (objective) Items, Constructed Response Items (also referred to as subjective assessments), Extended Response, Performance Tasks, Technology-Enabled Items and Technology-Enhanced Items. In addition to Assessment Item writing the content experts at Eduwizards can help institutes with Content Enhancement, Content Conversion Services, Assessment Management System service, etc. All these programs are customizable to fulfil a particular institute’s requirements.
    For more information please check below links for Custom Programs for institutions

    Content Programs     Tutoring Programs

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