curve  Terms of Use for Grade Improvement Guarantee Option curve offers �Monthly Unlimited Tutoring Program with Money Back Grade Improvement Guarantee,� which is an optional add-on to our Standard Monthly Unlimited Tutoring Program.

You (the student and, if applicable, your parents) must agree to below terms before signing up for �Monthly Unlimited Tutoring Program with Money Back Grade Improvement Guarantee.� In addition you must also agree to the Eduwizards' Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Our guarantee is simple: If your grade does not improve you get your money back (in accordance with below terms). This optional add-on money-back guarantee is only available to students who sign up for Standard Monthly Unlimited Tutoring Program. A student who opts to have such a guarantee must pay the extra amount of $75 per month per subject.

The �Monthly Unlimited Tutoring Program with Grade improvement Money Back Guarantee� is hereafter called �Grade Improvement Guarantee.�

How is Eduwizards able to be so confident of that they can give this Grade Improvement Guarantee"?
  1. We have the world's best tutors and this is a major advantage which helps us guarantee grade improvement. Our student reviews are overwhelmingly positive because excellent tutors with best reviews remain and prosper at Eduwizards, while mediocre tutors with bad reviews leave us.
  2. We have Online One-on-One tutoring with Voice. We find voice essential for the same simple reason that voice is important in face-to-face tutoring. Try a tutoring session in an academic subject in the brick-and-mortar world, where the tutor and student are not allowed to discuss in voice, and you will see what we mean. If a tutor cannot use voice to explain, and the student cannot use voice to clarify doubts, then the quality of online tutoring greatly suffers compared to normal voice tutoring in the brick-and-mortar world.
  3. For our Grade Improvement Guarantee we follow two-experts per student system. To carefully monitor student progress we have devised two-experts per student system (in addition to the tutor we have another education expert to monitor the individual student�s progress). Our online sessions are all recorded and these recordings are available for review by the second expert (this becomes imperative if student progress is lacking). The experts work together to provide differentiated instruction, as needed. Differentiated instruction means coming up with solutions for providing the best tutoring for an individual student and modify the tutoring strategy to suit the individual students.
  4. Eduwizards will give Grade Improvement Guarantee students up to six (6) hours of free extra customized tutoring and customized assessment per month, if our experts feel that you need more help in achieving the grade improvement. Thus Eduwizards is there to do all that is necessary to make sure you get a better grade. We realize that if there is no grade improvement we have to give your money back, and that would be an expensive failure on Eduwizards� part which we want to do all to avoid.
You may have heard of tutoring centers allowing some free classes if student does not improve grades. But Eduwizards is going all the way in its guarantee � we so strongly believe in our advantages and unique features that we are willing to risk giving your money back if we do not help you improve your grade. This is the best deal for students and parents.

For parents of K-12 students this assures that they have chosen the premium plan to provide best results and given Eduwizards experts the extra work and responsibility of making sure that student grade improves, or Eduwizards gives their money back. For K-12 students and College students it guarantees that, along with other Eduwizards advantages, a dedicated additional-expert (besides tutors) is involved in working to evaluate their individual progress and assures grade improvement or money back.

Please carefully read our clear and simple rules regarding our money back guarantee. Please email for any clarifications or questions.

To qualify for the guarantee you must be enrolled in an accredited school or college/university and the language of instruction of your course must be English.

Your school/college/university must be fully accredited by the national accrediting body of your country. If there is no national accrediting body then your school/college/university must be accredited by the most recognized body from your state/province.

Grade Improvement Guarantee applies only for exams you take after you have completed one full month of being with Grade Improvement guarantee program and have started the second month of Grade Improvement Guarantee tutoring.

Our tutors need to work with a student a minimum of one month before we can guarantee improved performance. The grade you get can compare to your previous grade in the same course (say an earlier mid-term exam) or your last previous a grade in a pre-requisite course or the last grade in a prerequisite course (For example Algebra I can be a prerequisite to Algebra II).

Our Gurantee does not apply if you have a learning disability.

We have tutors who have special cerification as well as expereince in providing help to students with learning disabilities. However, we have to pay these tutors substantially more per hour of their tutoring services. Unfortuinately, the economics of this does not allow us to cover learning disabilities in our "Monthly Unlimited Tutoring Program with Money Back Grade Improvement Guarantee." For students with disabilities we can provide sessions paid for by the hour. Please write to with your details.

Your school/college/university must report grades in one the two below measurable ways for our Grade Improvement Guarantee to apply. In addition the transcript, report-card, or equivalent, must be in English.

Schools/colleges/universities have varying grading scales and grading systems for evaluating academic progress. Our guarantee states that your grade will go up by below measurable amounts which can be letter grades or numerical grades:

Letter Grades: If your institution uses letter grades then the letter grades must include a +/- sign along with the letter. For example: C, C+, B-, B, B+� We guarantee your grade will improve (go higher) that it previously was. If grades of A, B, C, D etc. do not include +/- sign along the letter then our Grade Improvement Guarantee does NOT apply.

Numerical grades: These grades are 1 to 100 or other such as 1 to 10 or 1 to 20 etc. If your institution uses numerical grades then we guarantee a 5% improvement in grade. For example, if your original grade was 80/100 than we guarantee an improved grade of 80 + (5% of 80) = 80 +4 = 84/100. However please note that the numerical grade must be such that a 5% improvement is available for measurement. If that is NOT measurable then our Money Back Guarantee does NOT apply. For example, if your grade is restricted whole-numbers and, out of 10, and your previous grade was 8/10 then we will not be able to measure a grade such at 8.4/10 (unless decimals are allowed) and thus not be able to measure a 5% improvement.

If your school does not have either letter grades or numerical grades then our Grade Improvement Guarantee does NOT apply.

For schools/colleges/universities with letter grades our guarantee does not apply if you are already at a grade of A. For schools/colleges/universities with numerical grades our guarantee does not apply if you are at 90% or higher in the numerical scale.

We welcome you to Eduwizards Online tutoring to improve your grade further but our guarantee does not apply in above two cases. The main reason for this is that grades only go so high, and improved grades such as A+ or 95+/100 are not commonly awarded by teachers.

The Guarantee is void if you miss assignments, exams, or other course requirements and submissions.

If you miss an exam or does not submit assignments/homework/take-home-exam/project/paper etc. that counts in the grade then the guarantee becomes void. We cannot have a guarantee if a you, as the student, will not do his/her part in complying with what is required for compiling student's grade

Eduwizards will give Grade Improvement Guarantee students up to six (6) hours of free extra customized tutoring and customized assessment per month, if our experts feel that you need more help in achieving the grade improvement. If you do not attend this extra customized tutoring and assessment then customized then Grade Improvement Guarantee becomes void.

For money-back we must be able to verify your previous and new grade. To get your money back, you will be required to submit a signed form/document/letter to us authorizing your school/college/university to release your records to us for verification. If you are in school (K-12) form/document/letter must be signed by you and your parent (or legal guardian). If you are in college/university and over 18 years of age then it can be signed just by student.

You money-back will not cover more than four (4) months of tutoring you paid for under Grade Improvement Money Back Guarantee and to get money back your new grade will be compared to your grade before you started the Grade Improvement Guarantee. The Money back will only apply for the period over which there was no grade improvement.
  1. We keep this 4 month period because under the semester system a student would have an exam in at least 4 months. If your school/college/university gives an exam, say only once a year, then only last 4 months before the exam can be considered for Money Back under the Grade Improvement Guarantee.
  2. Your grade will compare to the grade before you joined Grade Improvement Guarantee. For example, suppose your grade was B when you joined, and it improved to an A-, and then stayed at A- (or went to B+) � in both of these cases you will be not qualify for money-back out since these grades are all higher then original B when you started.
  3. Money-back will only cover that part where your grade went back to (or below) original grade. For example, suppose your grade was B when you joined, and it improved to a B+, and then (in later exam) went back to a B. Then money back will not cover the period of tutoring till the date of exam when you improved from B to B+. Money back will only be for period covering the tutoring period where you grade went from B+ back to B, and will be computed using fractions of the month(s) as applicable.
There is a limit of one refund per household and/or family in any 12 month period.

Refunds will be issued in the form and manner chosen by Eduwizards.

Our general rule is we will refund the person who paid for student�s tutoring either by refund to credit-card etc. or by mailing a refund check.

This Grade Improvement Guarantee offer is not available in any jurisdiction where such offer is prohibited.

We don�t know of any jurisdiction that would prohibit such a Grade Improvement Guarantee; however, there may be laws in some places that do not allow such an offer.

If you are unclear about any of above please email before signing up for Grade Improvement Guarantee.