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Eduwizards online-tutoring ALWAYS includes voice

Eduwizards provides custom tutoring programs for educational institutions and agencies. Most sites only cover the common subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and English. While we fully cover these common subjects our large team of experienced and qualified tutors and subject matter experts enable us to offer tutoring services for all levels and ALL subjects, including advanced college level courses. Some of the diverse subjects handled by our experts include Organic Chemistry, Statistics, Calculus I-IV, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, U.S History, Programming, Astronomy, Anthropology etc.

Our virtual classroom interface uses whiteboard, live chat, and (VoIP) voice over internet protocol which makes it an exceptional user friendly, interactive, real time, one-on-one and easy to use virtually shared interface. All our tutoring sessions are recorded for future references. Hundreds of tutors are at your service 24 hours a day 7 days a week, plus we have a growing number of talented, skilled and experienced tutors who join us every day from all over the globe.

Our tutoring program is customizable according to the needs and requirements of your organization. From our database of tutors we choose a distinguished group of tutors to provide tutoring for institutional clients; these tutors must not only be excellent tutors but must satisfy all criteria specified by the client. For our institutional clients we will meet all promised terms. All our tutors undergo the required assessment as a prerequisite to maintain the professional standards of online tutoring at Eduwizards. Eduwizards has been providing tutoring solutions to students across the globe. Some of the features of our tutoring programs are mentioned below:

- Completely customizable according to the needs of your institute.

- Covers common subjects as well as ALL other subjects and levels.

- One-on-one tutoring ONLY. That also means that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will the tutor ever be interacting with more than one student (on two different whiteboards etc.). Single student will always have tutor�s full attention.
Note: At request of client, we also offer one-to-many classroom style teaching, with voice of course. The teacher and student are present in one virtual classroom (which includes whiteboard, voice, and text chat), and tutor are present and they can see each other�s presence (in attendee list). Students "raise hands" in whiteboard software to draw the instructor's attention. Again, this is fully transparent and is being done because the client wants this system and does NOT want one-on-one. We are able to offer schools and colleges instructors with whatever qualifications the client needs for classroom style one-to-many teaching: particular state certification, Ph.D., other specific qualification or experience.

- Voice is ALWAYS a part of Eduwizards online tutoring (along with whiteboard and text-chat feature). See our FAQ Page for Why does Eduwizards consider voice communication to be an essential part of online tutoring?

- Adherence to strict quality standards.

- All tutors are screened and have to meet certain benchmarks to become a part of our team, that provides tutoring to institutional clients.

- We have an open review system on our website where students post their feedback on individual tutors.

- We have a proprietary online testing (assessment) system, with a huge database of questions, that is used to continuously test students and monitor their progress.

Services offered:

Eduwizards offers tutoring services for K-12 to college to adult. We provide instant and scheduled tutoring sessions, homework help and test prep.

See FAQ for additional information.

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