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Special Ed

The curriculum for special education needs to be comprehensive. It should focus on education and all-round training of students with special needs. Introducing the concept of special education early in the lives of such people helps initiate the development process and calls for early intervention of parents, which is extremely important.

Special education programs should help learners gain self esteem and social acceptability. The school-age programs currently offered leave children with special needs inadequately equipped because these programs are designed by using the educational pattern for normal children. The structure of such programs fails to address the learning difficulties that children who need special education face. Children with special needs also find it difficult to keep pace with the normal ones and sometimes, also receive less attention of teachers. This lack of attention and inability to keep abreast with the competition causes them psychological harm.

At Eduwizards, you can find online special ed tutors. These tutors provide personalized tutoring to match the specific needs of students. The student can avail this tutoring from the comforts of their homes. As everything takes place online and is individualized, special ed students can get all the attention of the tutor, and can study in the presence of their parents. Eduwizards tutors provide enough time for students with disabilities or other challenges to learn, grasp, and then attempt themselves.

At Eduwizards, you can view profiles of many experienced tutors who are well qualified to teach special education. You can avail half-hour, free trail sessions, and select a suitable tutor.

At Eduwizards, the Special Ed tutoring focuses on:

1Designing pre-school and post-school age learning programs for special children.
2Identifying factors that may have lead to the handicap in students with special needs, and structuring an environment to suit their needs.
3Providing learning material and guidance through the use of educational technology.
4Using development, behavioral, and ecological approaches for training. The developmental approach uses sequenced sets of activities; the behavioral approach uses prompting, shaping, and feedback; and the ecological approach aims at community adaptation.
5Proving career education, which involves life skill education. It also involves work and career development.
6Teaching by simulating and proving cognitive behavior training.
7Sensitizing parents of children with disabilities or other challenges to their needs.
8Including parents and guardians of children with special needs in their development and prompting them to intervene at all stages.
9Exposing students to appropriate work and living habits for an independent lifestyle.
10Placing people with learning disabilities at respectable positions in the society by helping them make social contributions.
Eduwizards is a perfect help to kick start the growth and the development process of students who need special help!

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