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Deepak K.
Jasia K. Offers Monthly Plan
Amresh K V.
Nitin R S.
Kamil K. Offers Monthly Plan
Yusuf A.
Alok K S. Offers Monthly Plan
Arun K S. Offers Monthly Plan
Ajay C.
Ravi R D.
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What students say about tutors
Tutor Mani S. We are thankful to Eduwizard for providing us a excellent teacher. - Student Jas, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi
Tutor Alok M. Great response, thank you for your help. It was quicker than I thought too, which is great. - Student Shane, US
Tutor PRIYANKA J. Tutor is very good and having good knowledge as well. - Student Bhargavi, Distt. Court Complex, Dwarka, New Delhi
Tutor Raj M. The tutor session when well and Raj cleared up some confusion I had quickly. - Student MathewArrell, US
Tutor Harini R. Excellent tutor, very nice tutoring way. We are 100% satisfied with the tutor. Will continue with th ... - Student Shree, Guindy Industrial Estate, Chennai
Tutor Vijaya S. Great job at showing how the problems are worked out and solved - Student Cory, US
Tutor Naveen K. Good - Student DARRSH, Palam Airport, New Delhi
Tutor Manas T. Thanks alot! - Student Jessice, US
Tutor Pankaj S. Will continue with same tutor. - Student Ayush, Beleghata, Kolkata
Tutor Manjri K. Manjri, I can't thank you enough. You were patient, helpful, and very informed about the algebra sub ... - Student Annie, US