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SAT Subject Tests


The SAT Subject Tests, also called "SAT II", are a set of more than twenty different tests that focus on broadly five general areas: English, History, Languages, Mathematics and Science. Each of these subject tests is of one hour duration and consists entirely of multiple-choice questions. The SAT subject tests are designed to assess a student�s knowledge of specific disciplines. There is one score per test, on a scale of 200-800.

Eduwizards, the pioneers in online education, has launched a series of Online Products that focus specifically on the SAT Subject Tests. The Online Testing System offered by Eduwizards for SAT II Math and Science Subject Tests gives applicants comprehensive online practice by incorporating a rich and ideal mix of online practice tests with detailed answers. These online model tests that closely simulate the actual SAT II test in terms of difficulty levels and time consumed. Free SAT Subject online practice tests are available for students to try.

About each SAT Subject Test that Eduwizards offers

 1) Math Level I: Applicants are tested in disciplines like algebra, geometry, trigonometry (basic), elementary statistics, elementary number theory and arithmetic and geometric sequences.

 2) Math Level II: Algebra, three dimensional and coordinate geometry, permutations and combinations, trigonometry, functions, probability, logics, proofs, sequences, limits and elementary theory.

 3) Biology/EM: This SAT Subject Test assesses a student�s depth of knowledge of General Biology, his understanding and recall of the concepts and ability to apply the principles to solve problems of college preparatory level biology.

 4) Chemistry: This subject test measures a student�s ability to collate, organize and interpret graphical and experimental data and to arrive at logical conclusions from such data to solve problems.

 5) Physics: This SAT Subject Test will be able to measure your understanding of Physical principles and their application to solve specific problems. The applicant is also expected to know how to apply simple mathematical relationships to physics problems.

Tips for taking Subject (SAT II) Tests

 1) The best time to take the SAT Subject test or SAT II is right after finishing the related subjects in school though many students take it during spring of their junior year and again during the fall of their senior year.

 2) Questions are arranged in order of difficulty, but don�t need to be answered in that order: Remember, the questions get harder as you go through the test, but you don�t need to linger on the harder questions too long until you have attempted all questions at least once. The Eduwizards Online SAT Subject Test practice series impresses this upon the students in no uncertain terms.

 3) Since the format and directions for the SAT Subject Tests remain unchanged over time, the tests become somewhat predictable. Thorough practice with the Online Practice Tests designed and offered by Eduwizards ensures that students are familiar with the test set up in advance.

 4) Do not forget that there is a penalty for guessing wrong. Eduwizards online practice tests for SAT II can be of immense help in devising a strategy of when to guess. In general, it is to your advantage to guess if you can eliminate one or more choices.

Most selective and competitive colleges or universities require applicants to submit scores from at least two, and sometimes three, SAT II subject test examinations. Many schools view your SAT Subject Tests scores along with your other admission credentials to assess your academic background and interests and most colleges use the SAT Subject Test scores to place students into appropriate courses.

Our team at Eduwizards Test Prep is committed to helping students achieve high SAT Subject test scores. The practice online SAT subject tests are designed by experts and professional experienced teachers who have years of real experience with SAT subject tests. These expert teachers do their best to ensure high SAT Subject test scores with their proven techniques and make the task of taking the SAT Subject tests a more manageable one.

In addition, we have many SAT II Subject Test tutors who can analyze your test results and offer you tutoring to help weed out the weakness and improve your score on the actual test.

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