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Great help. It was a bit of overkill, but good

College FinanceJason, US

Tutor Kelly E is Great!!!!

College English Reading and WritingLinda, US

Thank you!

College Calculus I & IIMonicaDurham, US

I really understand what i need to now thanks a lot it was good help !

College AlgebraRicky, US

I am so pleased..this is an awesome team!!

College AlgebraSaundra, US

Thank you very much! Very helpful!

College Physics (General)Zachary, US

Excellent... I understand how to do it now where I did not before... that's all that matters!

College AlgebraMichael, US

Neha is exceptional at explaining and walking you through the problems. She is wonderful and I would definitely use her again in the future

College AccountingCathy, US

I would like this tutor more.

College FinanceNawana, US

Thank you very much for your help. This is exactly what I needed. I have several more labs and I will definitely come back for more help. Thank you!!

College Physics (General)Dillon, US

Fully explained concepts

College StatisticsJason, US

This was my first time doing an online tutoring and didn't know what to expect but it still turned out to be a great session. Good job!!!

College Calculus I & IIDennis, US

Good job explaining complex problems

College Calculus I & IIAaron, US

Good trial session, I plan to purchase tutoring time with Madhavi. Thanks

College AlgebraDaniel, US


College Pre-CalculusRobert, US

Love her she is the best

College AlgebraLeslie, US

Very good and very useful.

College Calculus for BusinessAdam, US

Very nice and professional

College Calculus I & IIKurt, US

This was an excellent first session. Would definitely try more sessions.

SAT I: MathAngelica, US

Very helpful

College AlgebraKaylahNelson, US

Work was outstanding and acceptable.

College Environmental ScienceGil, US

Neha is the best .

College Pre-CalculusMuhammad, US


College FinanceAllan, US

It was a great help

College AccountingTammy, US

Madhavi did an excellent job explaining everything. I will definitely use him again.

College Calculus I & IIRodney, US

Neha is very helpful and makes sure I always understand what we are working on.

College Calculus I & IIAmberHagar, US

Very patient and very helpful. Thank you.

College Chemistry (General)Monique, US

Very friendly and efficient! Only want to use the same tutor always!!

College AlgebraJennah, US

Best of Best as always. Many Thanks

College Biology (General)Rakan, US

My daughter did great with her methods of teaching.

Class I - VIII GermanTayana, US

Tutor has completed assignments correclty and I am satisfied

College Statistics SPSSLennora, US


College AlgebraLee, US

He's a good tutor...I like how he explains to you everything until you understand...

College Physics (Electr. & Mag.)Queenie, India

Very knowledgeable in the subject of calculas

College Calculus I & IINathan, US

Great back to back interactive quizzes along the way. Helped me learn very quickly

College Biology (General)Max, US

Excellent tutor! Worked with me every step of the way (math is my weakness). Very helpful going through everything and visually showing everything on the board

College Linear AlgebraMatt, US

Assignment help was late but grade was still good

College FinanceRosa, US

She was very good at explain the problems that i gave and she helped to understand it in new way.

College AlgebraJenny, US

Very nice session. Asked very good questions to understand what I was trying to learn. Good pacing and came to the session very well prepared with the document

College StatisticsJim, US

Very great teacher

College Linear AlgebraCorbin, US

She was very helpful

College AlgebraTatyanaGutierrez, US

Very Helpful!

College Calculus III & IVKen, US

Very informative and helpful!

College AccountingAnida, US

Clear and neat step by step calculations, very straight forward. would use tutor again for future assignment help. thanks.

College FinanceBaron, US

Very Helpful

College Chemistry (Organic)Torry, US

Great teacher!

College StatisticsJason, US

Thank you so much. I received much more help than I expected. It would have been nice to have a program like this back in HS or college. Thank you so much!

College StatisticsLindsay, US

Good job, I would recommend this tutor.

College AccountingJess, US

She was very good and helpful. I will definitely use this again. Thanks again Anuradha B.

College AlgebraLaceyPierce, US

This is better than having a friend review my paper.

College English Reading and WritingMarcusHatter, US

Very good job

College World HistoryJohnnie, US


College Biology (Genetics)Frank, US


College AlgebraFrancine, US

The assignment help is good.

College Business (General)Jerome, US

Neha was very helpful and explained the problems that I needed help with quickly and efficiently. I enjoyed working with her.

College Calculus I & IIBrett, US

Great response, thank you for your help. It was quicker than I thought too, which is great.

College Calculus I & IIShane, US

Great job

College AccountingShakeh, US

Great help. knows what she is talking about!

College AlgebraAshley, US

I only had trouble with the voice feature even after I passed the audio test. Looking forward to our next session.

College Discrete MathematicsDana, US

Clear, concise and timely! very happy!

College Economics (General)Nicole, US

Amazing is all I can say.

College Calculus I & IIShawnSwift, US

Great Job!

College AlgebraKassidieRoudebush, US

We covered a broad range of topics in a very reasonable amount of time and I definitely learned a lot! I am very happy with her teaching method.

College Physics (Mechanics)Varsha, US

I just wanted to let you know I received the feedback on the assignment billed on January 17, I believe it was the first assignment; and it was fantastic, make

College AlgebraKaren, US

The session was very productive. Mr. Chainani not only explained concepts, but also guided me on how to be independent and learn new material on my own.

College AlgebraGregory, US

Great tutor

College SpanishTenisha, US

She is very helpful

College Biology (General)Sentifina, US

Was great. Thank you for your help.

College AlgebraSheree, US

Submit on time

College Electronics and Electrical EngineeringFayez, US

Madhavi did an excellent job explaining everything. I will definitely use him again.

College Calculus I & IIRodney, US

I am a undergraduate from a University with a strict academic standards, the results of my assignments provided by my tutor Kanchan exceeded my expectations. I

College FinanceJuliAna, US

All of the assignment help was great! Thanks

Business StudiesDonna, US

Well, the work was good. I also got better understanding from his work. From that standpoint and being done on time, I would rate 5/5 stars

College AccountingMark, US

Manas helped me tremendously and answered in a timely fashion. I definately will use Manas again.

ScienceMichelle, US

I do thank you for the help with one of my math problems I was having, I do gave a 9 out of 10 for the tutor sessions

College AlgebraNatashaClay, US

Everything is good

College Biology (General)Taysir, US

Thank you so much

EnglishAmmar, US

I was highly impressed with this tutor and my test results were amazing!

College PhilosophyTammy, US

Excellent tutor, listed steps so I could easily understand.

College AlgebraAdam, US

Thank you for your help!

College AccountingJim, US

Excellent tutor! Very clear explanations.

College AlgebraStephen, US

Using eduwizards was very helpful. You focused on what I expected and feedbacks for my paper was a great way to let me know what my mistakes were. Thank you!

College English Reading and WritingMaiChoXiong, US

All of the assignment help was great! Thanks

Business StudiesDonna, US

Prof. Raj K M really helped me understood the core concept!

College Calculus I & IIOrthland, US

Thank you! dedicated time to me and was not distracted or impatient. Very knowledgable.

College TrigonometryDavid, US

Knew the concepts we discussed quite well.

College Calculus I & IIAntonio, US

GREAT TUTOR! So, helpful!

College AlgebraSheena, US

My tutor did great job helping on 2 of my Statics engineering assignments in very short time, step by step solution was provided.

College StatisticsAlkelani, US

This session went great. It helped me better understand what I was doing.

College AlgebraEmileeLundby, US

Thank You for your help I did get a few incorrect but overall I was happy with your work and hope you will be available next week. Don't forget the accent marks

College SpanishTina, US

Thank you for everything!!!!!!!

College Calculus I & IISajan, US

I would highly recommend tutor Ankit A and eduwizards to everyone in need.

MathematicsDalila, US

Very good at explaining calculus in easy to understand terms.

College Calculus I & IIFrank, US

She explained basic concepts very well.

College Chemistry (General)Tiful, US

Great teacher!

College StatisticsJason, US

Gayatri Sastri has been helping in my family for a few month now and she is great.

College StatisticsShawna, US

She is excellent!!! I tried another tutor before her and she is great!

College AlgebraLarhonda, US


College Pre-CalculusAdrian, US

Very helpful

College AlgebraAhmed, US

This was a great tutorial.

College Business (General)Kevin, US

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