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College StatisticsMatthew, US


College AccountingMatt, US

Excellent information very happy with the out come thank you

College Calculus I & IIOsmel, US


Class I - VIII SpanishCece, US

Thank you very much. I will be back.

College AccountingRuben, US

Thanks..Explanation was perfect

International LawJatin, India

Alok helped with the problems and even gave me a free session.

College Calculus I & IIReema, US

Amazing tutor

College Physics (General)Sam, US

Robert was very patient. I'm booking another session with him. 2 thumbs up!

College Philosophy LogicRosendo, US

He did a good job and I would use him again.

College StatisticsLindsay, US

Definitely the professor to look out for here. The issue I have faced with a lot of professors here are sound issues...from her side I received none of that...p

MathematicsHaris, US

You are great

College AlgebraAbeer, US

Great person very knowledgable and professional. Very coutious also.

College AlgebraJeffrey, US

Very good

College Physics (General)Raymond, US

Amazing help, lead me to the correct direction right away, and solved my confusion.

College Calculus I & IIAndres, US

This is wonderful! This helps tremendously. The tutor did a wonderful job.

College Chemistry (Physical)Cierra, US

The tutor answered my question, and it was very helpful. Thank you for your services!

College Physics (General)Erin, US

All of the assignment help was great! Thanks

Business StudiesDonna, US

Thanks very much helped me a lot when I was stuck!!!

College AlgebraShiane, US

I really like her because she speaks loudly and clearly and makes sure you understand. She doesn\'t waste time and makes sure you get the problem. I think sh

College AccountingJohn, US

The Tutor got 7.5 out 10 . It was a okay grade. thanks for tutors effort. I will work with this company again. Thats why Thanks for the tutor and you guys who h

College PhilosophyOrcun, US

Connection was poor which caused the audio to be choppy. instruction was fine.

College Calculus I & IIBrion, US


College Physics (General)Sara, US

Madhavi has shown me some excellent methods!

College Calculus I & IIJocelyn, US

Helped me understand things better.

College Mathematics (General)Varun, US


College Calculus I & IIMohammed, US

Was very quick to reply, understood the problem and provided a well worked solution. I will definitely recommend this tutor to anyone and I will use her assist

College Calculus I & IIGobi, US

Done very well.

College AlgebraJenna, US

The assignment help is good.

College Business (General)Jerome, US

Very good

College AlgebraSai, US

Good tutor, explained the problems very well:)

College StatisticsAnnumm, US

Working with Usha Jain in my Anthropology course helped me alot ,I would not make it without her .Because of her I got A+ in Anthropology course.I highly recomm

College Anthropology ScienceTalal, US

He was great for me and this class. Cant say enough great things.

College Calculus I & IIShawn, US

Very good at math.

College Calculus I & IICwraabe, US

Great Job!

College AlgebraKassidieRoudebush, US

He knew everything and he was fantastic! Would use again for sure.

College Calculus I & IIGarrett, US

My math tutor is very good at what he does. He is always ready to listen to your needs and help you to understand your school work. One of the best tutor that h

College AlgebraDelia, US

Was great. Thank you for your help.

College AlgebraSheree, US

Fares Da Silva is a very good Spanish teacher. So far my daughter has taken 14 lessons of Spanish Language(college level) and she is happy with the quality of c

College SpanishPooja, India

Very nice tutor .. completed the topic at one go. worthfully session.... awesome teaching :D

College Pre-CalculusSmitha, India

Very good

College Biology (General)Delma, US

Answered my question fast and accurately and with enough detail that I was satisfied. Thank you.

College AlgebraWendyWilliams, US

He was a huge help

MathematicsHykeem, US

All my sessions with Manjri Khullar were great. She takes he time and ensures you understand the problems.

College StatisticsNiya, US

Explained what Pearson's MML and book could not in minimum time. A+++++

College Calculus I & IIJason, US

I enjoyed her enthusiasm and her promptness for helping me. She was willing to help me with additional concepts that I didnt need. I also liked the video shari

College AccountingAlexis, US

Thanks again-I have been very pleased with Eduwizards service!

College StatisticsElizabeth, US

The tutor made it easy to understand

College TrigonometryMichael, US

I it was a really big help and very efficient!!!

College Chemistry (General)John, US

Thank You for your help I did get a few incorrect but overall I was happy with your work and hope you will be available next week. Don't forget the accent marks

College SpanishTina, US

Knew the concepts well and was patient when I didn't understand things

College Chemistry (General)Annie, US

Great job, very grateful for all the help!

Business StudiesLisa, US

I dont know if he or she but is the best. my teacher could not answer this questions, but this tutor did. thank u very much

College AlgebraNeamatGatea, US

Thank you for your help.

College StatisticsEva, US

Everything looks great!

College English Reading and WritingAubree, US


College StatisticsMelissa, US

Got a good grade

College ManagementJoyce, US

Everything is good

College Biology (General)Taysir, US

Thank you so much for the time

College TrigonometryRichard, US

This is better than having a friend review my paper.

College English Reading and WritingMarcusHatter, US

Pretty good. The first time i didn't know how to work with the program. I tried again, establish contact and Mr. Raj explained all my mistakes.

College Calculus I & IIJuan, US

Great help with the statistics assignment help. Was really good. I am really happy overall.

College StatisticsStephen, US

Thank you for providing us a very informative and interactive webinar (Five stars). You have a great product and service to offer. I enjoy your presentation ver

College Pre-CalculusElizabethGonzales, US

Naveen Kumar went above and beyond yesterday in his kindness, abilities and professionalism. I look forward to meeting with him again tomorrow morning at 10:30

College Physics (General)Samantha, US

Great back to back interactive quizzes along the way. Helped me learn very quickly

College Biology (General)Max, US

Tutor Keisa, she did a fantastic job.

EnglishAlbert, US

He helped me a lot with physics circuits,capacitors etc.I liked that he answered to all of my questions without any useless information!Moreover,although i didn

College Physics (Electr. & Mag.)Apostolos, US

AMAZING! much better than any online tutor I've used in the past such as tutorvista or tutornext or any other personal physical tutor. Quick, concise, and very

College Calculus I & IINeelank, US

Everything went very well after I was able to log in. I am starting to grasp the concept of bringing the terms over and watching for me signs. Madhavi gave me a

College AlgebraDiette, US

Excellent information very happy with the out come thank you

College Calculus I & IIOsmel, US

Fantastic work!

College English Reading and WritingNawaf, US

The assignment help is good.

College Business (General)Jerome, US

Great tutor and she is very thorough!

College Pre-CalculusRodney, US

Very thorough!!!!

College Calculus I & IICrystal, US

Perfect !

College Biology (General)Josette, US

He was great as usual.

College Business (General)Tony, US

Great organization, sent within deadline, was great

College Business (General)Maylou, US

Sulay was wonderful! She managed to figure out the answer to a question I spent 2 days trying to figure out. She explained it clearly and also gave real life ex

College Chemistry (Organic)Karen, US

The tutor's work was excellent . Thank you very much.

College Biology (Genetics)Maria, US

He make sure you understand all your work. Very help!!!

College AlgebraKylaunna, US

Very pronpt

College Calculus I & IIHenry, US

The tutor answered my question, and it was very helpful. Thank you for your services!

College Physics (General)Erin, US

It was good. I am hoping to benefit from the video playback

College Calculus I & IIRaymond, US

Everything is good.

College AccountingPaul, US

Excellent tutor! Worked with me every step of the way (math is my weakness). Very helpful going through everything and visually showing everything on the board

College Linear AlgebraMatt, US

Very to the point and helpful.

College Physics (General)Nicole, US

Very understanding

College Mechanical EngineeringChethil, US


College Environmental ScienceJennifer, US

Very good results and timely. I would definitely use again!

ScienceLaToya, US

Love her she is the best

College AlgebraLeslie, US

My tutor waa great and the best of the best

College AlgebraKenneth, US

By far the best of the tutors I have used so far. He has always provided a step by step solution - not just an answer.

College Calculus I & IIBrian, US

Very nice and professional

College Calculus I & IIKurt, US

Made Trigonometry understandable! Very helpful and took her time with me!

College TrigonometryJuan, US

Very pleased

College AlgebraJaime, US

Well, the work was good. I also got better understanding from his work. From that standpoint and being done on time, I would rate 5/5 stars

College AccountingMark, US

This was a great tutorial.

College Business (General)Kevin, US

Great tutor and timely delivery.

College Physics (General)Sen, US

Got started a little late and ended right on the dot, so didn't quite get the whole hour. But learned somethings. Thanks

College AlgebraJeffrey, US

Nice job

College AccountingJackie, US

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