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Finance Certification Training

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Almost all large businesses need Financial Management professionals to supervise the preparation of their financial statements and company reports, manage cash flows and to create and implement growth strategies. The advice of finance professionals is vital for large corporations who are interested in global expansion, mergers or acquisitions.

Eduwizards offers comprehensive online tutoring for certification programs for various financial disciplines that prepare the student for the actual exam in all possible ways. The coaching programs are conducted on one-on-one basis so as to ensure maximum individual attention to each student. Our customized packages cover all important aspects of the certification tests and offer vital guidance on the various subjects and topics that comprise each test, viz., accounting, economics, securities analysis, financial markets and instruments, asset valuation and portfolio management. The Eduwizards certification training one-on-one programs provide that unique edge due their personalized approach which ensures that each student is delivered a product that is tailor- made to that individual's strengths and weaknesses. Such personalized attention is what distinguishes our product from a regular classroom session with a group of students or even a "canned" online solution so easily available on the internet.

Eduwizards is committed to excellence and offers tutoring for certification courses in the following financial disciplines:

1) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification training: This is an international recognition conferred by the CFA institute and is a measure of the competence and integrity of a financial analyst. A CFA certification enhances ones professional standing and is strongly recommended by most companies.

2) Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification training: This certification assesses an individual's ability to apply his financial planning knowledge to deal with real life financial planning situations.

3) Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) certification training: World's largest professional body of Management Accountants, offering the most relevant finance qualification for business.

4) Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification training: This course covers the key areas of financial accounting and reporting, auditing, financial accounting regulation, and business concepts.

5) Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification training: Globally accepted benchmark for Financial Risk Managers and getting this certification is the next natural step for finance professionals seeking a career in Financial Risk Management.

6) International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) certification training: It is important to get professional accreditation in IFRS to meet statutory requirements for the benefit of one's organization.

All Eduwizards online training programs for Finance Certification are conducted using proprietary software that incorporates voice, text chat and whiteboard. We offer two affordable training packages, each thoughtfully designed for maximum impact:

A) 15 hours package (15 sessions, each of 60min. duration): This package offers intensive one-on-one coaching with your chosen expert Eduwizards Finance certification tutor.

B) 25 hours package (25 sessions, each of 60min. duration): This package is even more comprehensive and covers the specified finance program through extended sessions that ensure greater attention to detail.

Enrolling for Eduwizards Finance certification training programs can be a very rewarding experience and may be the difference between an ordinary performance and acing the test!