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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tutors should also carefully read the regular FAQ (for students) to understand how the site works.
  • Q. How do I become a tutor?
    • To tutor at Eduwizards you need a Bachelor's degree or higher. You must have a reliable broadband connection and a headset with microphone. Your knowledge of the subject must be thorough and you should plan to teach only the subject(s) you know best. Anyone with these basic qualifications is welcome to open an account as a tutor, and browse and understand how our website works. To apply to become a tutor you must submit your Educational documents and fill in and submit your Profile for approval. Tutors whose profiles are approved are ready to tutor on our website. *Only selected tutors will be approved.* We reserve the right to verify any information in your Resume, Educational Documents, or Profile from third parties and to administer to you any Subject(s) or other test/interview at any time (before or after profile approval). At any time we can remove a tutor, at our sole discretion, for any reason or for no reason at all.

  • Q. How do I submit my profile for approval?
    • First create a tutor account by visiting" Enter your e-mail address, password and your time zone. Once you are logged into your account, choose "My Information" from the menu on the left. First fill in your name, address and other personal information. Then click on "Profile" to fill and submit your profile information and documents.

  • Q. How will I know I have been approved to join Eduwizards?
    • After you login and submit your Profile, your Profile page will also show you the status of your submitted Profile. We will review your information and you will receive an email once your profile is approved or disapproved. If your profile is approved you will also receive an Eduwizards email ID along with other information.

  • Q. How does tutoring work and how does a student find me among all the tutors who have signed up with Eduwizards?
    • At Eduwizards tutors independently manage their own tutoring. They decide what hours to tutor, which subjects to tutor, and what price to charge for each subject. Students search for tutors by selecting their Grade Level, then the general Subject Area, and finally the Specific Subject. Approved tutors who have signed up for that Specific Subject will appear in the search along with information about them including student reviews and tutor's hourly charges. The tutors with the best reviews will appear first. A student can select a tutor and Book (Schedule) a session for a future time or take an Instant (On Demand) tutoring session with a tutor who is currently online. After each session the student has the option of reviewing a tutor by giving a review score of 1 to 5 stars as well as text comments.

  • Q. What happens after a student Books (Schedules) a tutoring appointment a session with a tutor?
    • When students request a session they state the grade, subject and exact topic within the subject that they would like help with, select whether the request is for a paid session for a free half hour trial, and select the length of the requested session. An email is sent to the tutor stating that a request for a session has been made. The tutor must then login to his/her account and choose "My Requests" from the menu to accept the request. The tutor decides which tutoring requests to accept. A tutor can review a request for a tutoring session and can accept or decline the request for an appointment (in case tutor declines the session the student is not entitled to give a review since no appointment was made). A tutor is always expected to accept unless there are exceptional circumstances. Once a session is accepted by a tutor a confirmation email is sent to the student. The tutor must login no later than the session start time to take the session.

  • Q. What training do I need before I can take a session?
    • Prior to first session the tutor must be familiar with the whiteboard/voice software. Individual tutors, once their profiles are approved, will receive information regarding training to use the whiteboard/voice software. They must contact for any questions regarding such training. The software is user-friendly and easy to learn, and it requires no tech knowledge.

  • Q. What do I need to succeed as a tutor at Eduwizards?
    • To begin with you must have a thorough knowledge of your subject. That alone is not enough. You must be able to generate great reviews from students and for this you must have the qualities of a good teacher. You must have a fast and reliable internet connection and must have thoroughly practiced with and understood the tutoring software. You must never be late or miss a session. Students can cancel sessions, but tutors cannot. If for any reason a session does not go well you can inform the student that you will not charge for the session and use "Dismiss Charge" in "My billings" in your tutor account. Students review a tutor after each session and a bad review score or negative comments will be permanently archived in your tutoring record. A mediocre tutor will not prosper at Eduwizards, since the system is set up to pick out and reward the best.

  • Q. As a new tutor how do I distinguish myself and make a start?
    • Being available live for Instant (On Demand) tutoring, and allowing half hour free trials is a good way to begin getting reviews and making a good record.

  • Q. What are the charges to sign up and earn money as a tutor with Eduwizards?
    • There are no charges to sign up and to have your submitted profile approved. We do not charge tutors until they get paid by students for tutoring sessions. Our basic model is to keep a percentage of the tutor's earnings as a "transaction fee."

  • Q. How much is the transaction fee?
    • The transaction fee the company keeps is mainly a fraction of the fees you earn from students. For active tutors the fee is less. Once you sign up and your profile is approved we will send you the exact fee details.

  • Q. What do I get for this fee?
    • Our biggest cost is advertising (search engines, advertisements in individual schools/colleges, and in various web, print and other media). We want to continue to spend heavily on advertising to bring students to our site and grow as a business. Other costs are website related costs, bandwidth, software, payments processing administrative/personnel costs and miscellaneous other costs which keep popping up. Most importantly, for your fee we bring you paying students to tutor right from the comfort of your home.

  • Q. Which countries can tutors sign up from?
    • We are starting with tutors from USA and India. Tutors from China, Japan, UAE and South Korea can also sign up but are limited to teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). We hope to add more countries as we expand services.

  • Q. How many students can I expect to tutor each week?
    • Our website started in August 2007. Online tutoring is relatively new and there are various predictions of huge surge in online tutoring as the concept catches on. Our site is built for high volume and we will continue to spend a lot on all sorts of advertising with the aim of becoming the world's online tutoring volume leader. As an individual tutor, what part you get of the volume will depend on your ratings, your available hours and on the demand for the subjects you tutor. In early February 2008, we started Instant On-Demand Tutoring, where students can see which tutors are currently online and then instantly start a session with one of them. So staying logged in and making yourself available for Instant On-Demand Tutoring may be a way to get increased tutoring volume. New!

  • Q. What times should I make myself available for tutoring?
    • We expect that a large number of our students will be from the USA. So you should definitely include times at which USA students would take tutoring. When school is on, students take tutoring during the evenings and on weekends.

  • Q. What prices should I charge?
    • See what other tutors are charging for a particular subject. You can charge any price, with a minimum of 200 per hour. Certain subjects such as Test-prep (SAT, GMAT etc), certain tech fields such as Java, OOP and various niche subjects generally commands a higher hourly price. Your ratings by students may be more important than the price.

  • Q. If I have suggestions who do I write to?
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