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Engineering Tutoring

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Even as we read this article, we are benefitting from a product of Engineering, using a computer to read this article. Engineering involves the practical application of different sciences and mathematical principles to upgrade and improve how we lead our daily lives, may it be travel, communication, business, health or even entertainment. The effect of Engineering on our daily lives is profound and all encompassing.

Online Engineering tutoring with an Eduwizards tutor is available for all the different branches of Engineering, viz., Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil, Electronics, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Metallurgical Engineering etc. Engineering tutoring in any of these fields shall help the student in honing his problem solving skills � the one trait that all engineers pride themselves in. Our online Engineering tutors are experts in their field and are capable of giving professional level guidance to students looking for Engineering Assignment help, Engineering Homework help, Engineering project work and Engineering presentations. Free online engineering tutoring with Eduwizards will enable students to have qualified and capable help at their command all the time, without any of the panic that can take over in many emergency situations.

Online engineering tutoring with an Eduwizards tutor will complement and augment what has been taught at college and will lead to a greater understanding of the subject. It will provide just the kind of extra help required for preparing for an upcoming exam or understanding your homework assignments. Different fields of engineering need completely different and unique skill sets and our Online Engineering tutors shall help you to develop each of these to the fullest. Briefly, the following will be covered for the different Engineering disciplines:

Mechanical Engg.:Manufacturing, Computer aided designing, Thermal and Fluid Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

Chemical Engg.:Process Design, Heat and Mass Transfer, Membrane Separation, Thermodynamics.

Civil Engg.:Structural Design and Analysis, Soil Mechanics, Transportation.

Electronics Engg.:Electrical Energy systems, Electronics, Electromagnetic systems, Computer systems, Control systems, Signal Processing.

Metallurgical Engg.:Metallurgy, Material properties and processing, Thermodynamics, Crystallography and Quantum physics.

Electrical Engg.:Electrical energy systems, heavy motors design and development, panels for industry etc.

Computer Science:Algorithms, Programming, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Information system, Software Engineering etc.

Industrial Engg.:Operations research & Optimization techniques, Engineering economics, Supply chain management & Logistics.

Online engineering tutoring at Eduwizards is affordable, effective and always there when you need it most. Go for it!