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Content Solutions

Eduwizards is a leading provider of educational services that offers a complete range of customized, cutting-edge e learning solutions for clients in both the K-12 and College education space. We have expertise in creation, delivery, and management of educational content. We provide end-to-end e-learning services to people across the globe.

Why Choose Us?

- We have a highly qualified professional team to provide you with the best solutions for your requirements. We have a vast team of Subject Matter Experts across all Subjects and Levels with proven track record. Tutor Search on the left panel will show their detailed profile and experience.

- We can provide customized content solutions that can meet the diverse requirements of all Subjects and Levels.

- We provide cost effective solutions and have a quick turnaround time.

- We follow Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and our content is suitable for all states following CCSS.

Our Services:

- Assessment Item writing :
We can create formative and summative assessment items at various levels of Bloom�s Taxonomy. With a team of experts that include Academic, Technology and Delivery specialists uniquely capable of designing and executing content in areas of assessment, Eduwizards has the capability of fulfilling all the needs of K�12 and college education space of item creation. We can create items consistent with the stringent demands of the CCSS assessment including, but not limited to the following item types:

(a) Selected Response (objective) Assessment Items
Both single response multiple choice and multiple correct options

(b) Constructed Response Assessments Items (also referred to as subjective assessments)
Unlike selected response the answer is not visible in constructed response and the student must display understanding of a given assessment target by text or numerical response.

(c) Extended Response
The extended response items allow for the creative integration of ideas and the evaluation of materials and procedures, and a broad approach to problem solving. Students need to collate evidence to display their understanding of an assessment target. Eduwizards can create constructed response and extended response type items with scoring rubrics.

(d) Performance Tasks
A student is required to perform more than one action as part of a task in collecting proof to support their argument.

(e) Technology Enabled Items (Constructed-Response or Selected-Response):
Technology enabled items include multimedia such as audio, video, or interactive widget to state a question. However, these questions do not require any specialized interaction to select the answer.

(f) Technology Enhanced Items (TEI):
A technology enhanced item is a computer delivered item which may include digital media in the question part. It means the item may include audio, video, or any other interactive multimedia. The user is required to provide the answer by collecting evidence through a non-traditional response. The item involves multiple parts in which answer of first part is required to solve second part and so on. The final answer may be required to provide in (but not limited to) below forms:
  1. Single correct answer
  2. Multiple correct answers
  3. Constructed response (a set of words)
  4. Draw a line or a geometric shape
  5. Move one or more objects to given set of locations using drag-and-drop
  6. Select blocks of text
  7. Mark a visual field
- Custom E-learning Courseware Development:
Courseware development according to the client�s specifications.

- Content Enhancement:
Updating of content according to the current requirements.

- Content Conversion Services:
Conversion of existing courses from legacy training systems to web-based delivery learning components.

- Assessment Management System:
We have our own proprietary Assessment Management System which can be used to create and administer tests. We have configured Assessment Management System to be in tune with the emerging content requirements of the CCSS, driven by a complete understanding of the fast changing technology and academic standards this entails. The assessment management system has the capability of including selected response, constructed response, extended response, performance tasks, technology-enabled and technology-enhanced items in these tests.

We follow the highest levels of security and confidentiality standards in handling and delivering all client data.

See FAQ for additional information.

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