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She was very patient and helpful. I know have a better understanding of exponents.

College Calculus I & IIJamie, US

Very good.

College StatisticsKristina, US

Thank you this is perfect.

College FinanceLauren, US

Merin, is an excellent tutor. The quality of her work is outstanding. I had only 10 hours to complete a complication assignment and she helped me complete the

College Environmental ScienceFrankie, US

I like being able to see what Neha is talking about. This is going to be very helpful to me in my class

College StatisticsKristina, US

I haven\'t gotten a grade yet, but it looks like Budhesh did well and followed the directions. I would like him to help complete future assignments.

College Business (General)Erik, US

Completely answered my question. Thank you.

College Mathematics (General)Zachary, US

Very helpful.

College Discrete MathematicsJunko, US

Good trial session, I plan to purchase tutoring time with Madhavi. Thanks

College AlgebraDaniel, US

Explained concept really well

College Chemistry (General)Richard, US

Great job, very grateful for all the help!

Business StudiesLisa, US

You are great

College AlgebraAbeer, US

Excellent and speedy!!! A+++

College AlgebraBryan, US

She did a wonderful job and showed patience. She was even kind to double check all my homework.

College AlgebraVanessaCook, US

Raj is very good with math.

College AlgebraRicardo, US

Ranbir, takes the time to explain each problem before we are able to move forward. even after the steps are taken, he reviews what we have been working on,also

College AlgebraFrieda, US

Answered my question fast and accurately and with enough detail that I was satisfied. Thank you.

College AlgebraWendyWilliams, US

Got it seemed fine. Thank you.

College Business (General)Ann, US

Thank you again!

College FinanceDan, US


College StatisticsMelissa, US

He was a huge help

MathematicsHykeem, US

Amazing tutor

College Physics (General)Sam, US

At a moment that I needed it most, this tutor helped me out. Thank you, Mr. Ketan.

College Industrial EngineeringAmrazzz, US

He knew everything and he was fantastic! Would use again for sure.

College Calculus I & IIGarrett, US

Even though the lesson was short notice, the Ankit had much information to share including PowerPoint presentation on the needed material. Very patient and eas

College Discrete MathematicsBridgette, US

Very very helpful! The best tutor I've had so far.

College Biology (General)Haseeb, US

Very good

College AlgebraSai, US

Neha was very helpful and explained the problems that I needed help with quickly and efficiently. I enjoyed working with her.

College Calculus I & IIBrett, US

Excellent help. I was able to verify my answer and double check my work. Thanks much!

College AlgebraChris, US

You can pay the tutor he did a good job

College MacroeconomicsSakirat, US

My first time using this and he was very helpful on trying to get this to run smoothly :)

College Biology (General)Nicole, US


College AccountingMatt, US

Great tutoring...makes life a lot easier...definitely will be doing more sessions in the future.

College Calculus I & IIMohammad, US

She really takes her time to help you understand the topic. Very patient.

College Chemistry (General)Stacey, US

Got started a little late and ended right on the dot, so didn't quite get the whole hour. But learned somethings. Thanks

College AlgebraJeffrey, US

Fabulous!! Brillian instructor, patient, huge help

College StatisticsLisa, US

Very Helpful!

College Calculus III & IVKen, US

I am still learning her style, this is my first session with her. I was able to work out some problems after my session, so I only hope my skills get even bette

College AlgebraDwanna, US

Very GOOD!!! really raelly helpful knew everything I had questions on. Very informative and taught at a nice slow pace and explained things really nicely! Great

College Calculus I & IIRaja, US

AMAZING! much better than any online tutor I've used in the past such as tutorvista or tutornext or any other personal physical tutor. Quick, concise, and very

College Calculus I & IINeelank, US

She is excellent!!! I tried another tutor before her and she is great!

College AlgebraLarhonda, US

Amazing is all I can say.

College Calculus I & IIShawnSwift, US

All is good. Thank you for the follow up.

College Calculus I & IILeonard, US

You did an awesome job explaining what I needed to do. Thank you

College AlgebraAshley, US

Sulekha was very helpful in explainig the concepts and topics before diving into solving problems. Will definitely ask for her again.

College Chemistry (General)Chantal, US

She was really nice and really helped me

College AlgebraReshma, US

She was very patient and communicated with me very well!

EnglishAntionette, US

I'm very satisfied with the help I received.

College AccountingBoret, US

Done very well

College Physics (General)Harjeet, US

I enjoyed the session. We thought he was very personable and knowledgeable.

College Calculus III & IVKripa, US

It was my first meeting on EduWizards, and she was very patient with me while I figured the website out.

ACT: MathElle, US

The tutor was very knowledgeable.

College Linear AlgebraJonathan, US

He was great as usual.

College Business (General)Tony, US

He knows the material very well. Great at explaining difficult topics.

College StatisticsKeri, US

GREAT TUTOR! So, helpful!

College AlgebraSheena, US

Raju is amazing. You really learn & I am not easy to teach lol. He puts you to the test to make sure you understand. But the way he teaches you, even if your no

College Chemistry (General)Rene, US

Got it seemed fine. Thank you.

College Business (General)Ann, US

Is was good and wouldn't hesitate to utilize again if needed. Thanks

College Human GeographyMark, US

Thanks alot!

College Business (General)Jessice, US

Very helpful

Class I - VIII GermanKassandra, US

Sumit did an excellent job! he quickly explained and helped me with my question. Thanks!

College Chemistry (General)Richard, US

As I said during the session, I have little knowledge of calculus, so I can't rate the session as well as someone who is more knowledgeable can. However, I have

College Calculus I & IIToniKnott, US

Excellent. Very simply explained, easy to understand. Thanks!

College Calculus I & IIRobert, US

Neha was very helpful and knowledgeable

College Calculus I & IIThompson, US

Great organization, sent within deadline, was great

College Business (General)Maylou, US

The Biology essay help is excellent and to the point. Please thank the tutor, for asking if I needed it to be more personalized. The tutor not only helped fi

College Biology (General)Cash, US

Was extremely helpful :)

College AlgebraLindsay, US

Ms. Neha A. is AWESOME!!!!! She explains things so well, even if you have not taken math in 500 years, you still end up understanding the situation when she i

College AlgebraSamantha, US


College AlgebraLee, US

Submit on time

College Electronics and Electrical EngineeringFayez, US

Very knowledgeable in the subject of calculas

College Calculus I & IINathan, US

Nice tutor, explained things well

MathematicsEmily, US

Excelent session I have

College AlgebraUdit, India

Thank you very much for your help.

College AlgebraGene, US

Great tutor session.

College Chemistry (Organic)Kim, US

The assignment help is good.

College Business (General)Jerome, US

Within the past 4 days Jaclyn has help me in a great deal of correcting five papers. Getting all these paper corrected within six hours before i needed to get t

EnglishChristina, US

The tutor answered my question, and it was very helpful. Thank you for your services!

College Physics (General)Erin, US

She was really nice and really helped me

College AlgebraReshma, US

Patient and very helpful!! Would recommend him to a friend!!

College AlgebraKim, US

Maura is an awesome tutor!

MathematicsBRITTNEY, US

Excellent and quick! will use again.

College Calculus I & IIKari, US

The tutor did an exceptional job.

College AlgebraWilliam, US


College Calculus I & IIRoberta, US

Lots of help

College Biology (Genetics)Bridget, US

I was very satisfied with Gowtham..He was very polite and well mannered and very helpful.

College Calculus I & IIJonathan, US

Submit on time

College Electronics and Electrical EngineeringFayez, US

Very great teacher

College Linear AlgebraCorbin, US

Very organized, thank you.

College Biology (Zoology)Paola, US


College Calculus I & IIRandy, US

She was patient and very informative

College StatisticsCathy, US

Thank you again!

College FinanceDan, US

Very helpful and patient.

College Calculus III & IVSyd, US

Nice, very convenient...

College AlgebraRoland, US

Excellent work

College MacroeconomicsSteven, US

Well, the work was good. I also got better understanding from his work. From that standpoint and being done on time, I would rate 5/5 stars

College AccountingMark, US

He help my guide along the work to solve the problem !:)

College AlgebraSean, US

This is the second year Neha is tutoring me. She is great. Very knowledgeable and patient. Arman

College Pre-CalculusArman, US

Thanks so much for your assistance.The assignment was well explained.I will get intouch with you once am stack again.Perfect work.It was a mountain to me but yo

College Differential EquationsPamela, US

He helped me a lot with physics circuits,capacitors etc.I liked that he answered to all of my questions without any useless information!Moreover,although i didn

College Physics (Electr. & Mag.)Apostolos, US

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