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He really took the time to help me through the night. Good Tutor!

College Calculus I & IIBrant, US

Great back to back interactive quizzes along the way. Helped me learn very quickly

College Biology (General)Max, US

Very helpful. Thanks!

College SpanishRaymond, US

She is very helpful

College AccountingDavid, US

Neha is exceptional at explaining and walking you through the problems. She is wonderful and I would definitely use her again in the future

College AccountingCathy, US

Thank you very much!!!!

College Chemistry (Organic)Kathryn, US

¡gracias jessica! tengas un buen fin de semana. disfruté hablar contigo.

College SpanishBrittainy, US

Excellent Tutor, help me every step of the way. I will look for Raj M every time I have a problem.

College Calculus I & IINicholas, US

The notes were very helpful. Dr. Sucheta asked me questions to help me understand the structure of DNA.

College Biology (Genetics)Rohan, US

All of the assignment help was great! Thanks

Business StudiesDonna, US


College StatisticsMelissa, US


College Physics (General)Sara, US

Lots of help

College Biology (Genetics)Bridget, US

Very effective tutor!

College Calculus I & IIPhillip, US

Simply the best :)

College English Reading and WritingKhaled, US

Neha is great. She went beyond what I expected.

MathematicsLorrain, US

Great! Thanks

College Chemistry (General)Mary, US

Done very well

College Physics (General)Harjeet, US

All my sessions with Manjri Khullar were great. She takes he time and ensures you understand the problems.

College StatisticsNiya, US

Neha was wonderful. She was patient while the page was loading and even when the background was noisy. She helped me solve two hard problems and helped me see w

College Calculus I & IIRuth, US

He's a good tutor...I like how he explains to you everything until you understand...

College Physics (Electr. & Mag.)Queenie, India

Thank you , You are doing Great job

College Economics (General)AZIZ, US

Very helpful and I enjoyed the session

College Chemistry (General)Vanessa, US

Maura is an awesome tutor!

MathematicsBRITTNEY, US

My math tutor is very good at what he does. He is always ready to listen to your needs and help you to understand your school work. One of the best tutor that h

College AlgebraDelia, US

Explained what Pearson's MML and book could not in minimum time. A+++++

College Calculus I & IIJason, US

Taught me a lot of thing's that are hard for me

MusicChristopher, US

Thank you so much I have no words for you man thank..................

College Political ScienceChintu, US

Very patient with a new user to the program. I would be happy to have him tutor me again!

College Calculus I & IIWilliam, US

Madhavi did an excellent job explaining everything. I will definitely use him again.

College Calculus I & IIRodney, US

Thank You for your help I did get a few incorrect but overall I was happy with your work and hope you will be available next week. Don't forget the accent marks

College SpanishTina, US

My math tutor is very good at what he does. He is always ready to listen to your needs and help you to understand your school work. One of the best tutor that h

College AlgebraDelia, US

Tutor did an excellent job. i will definitely go back to eduwizards for the other three questions.

College StatisticsThomas, US

I appreciate Neha's help. It was a great help.

College Pre-CalculusHashimKhano, US

She was extremely helpful

College Physics (General)Ben, US

Help me with 6 out of 8 questions

College Differential EquationsMuhammad, US


College Pre-CalculusJoshua, US

She is VERY Smart! Highly recommended!

College Physics (General)Maria, US

AWESOME TUTOR!! Explains really well.

College AlgebraBlanca, US

Great Tutor very nice and learned a lot. Also have notes to help me study more problems.

College Pre-CalculusAndrew, US

I have had the luck of working with Ameen in the past and hopefully will in the future. I have been with many online tutors but out of all, he works the equati

College Electronics and Electrical EngineeringBret, US

Manjri gave an excellent illustration on how to work the Calculus II problem. Her presentation was not complicated.

College Calculus I & IIMaryBreedlove, India

Got it seemed fine. Thank you.

College Business (General)Ann, US

This tutor is always helpful and polite. This tutor is my favorite one!

College StatisticsKaren, US

He is a very very good tutor, he always has websites on hand to help you further, and he puts everything in a way I can understand.

Class I - VIII SpanishShelly, US

He did a great jop, and he also give my a details and the description how I can solve it again in the future, Thanks allot,

College Chemistry (General)Ahmed, US

Good tutor, explained the problems very well:)

College StatisticsAnnumm, US

Dr Sucheta really did a great job with my assignment she really helped me a lot.Her answers very clear and complete Thank you so much I will let you know about

College Biology (Biochemistry)NEAMA, US

Because the summary was like the same of the article which is not good! sorry..

College Biology (General)Hamad, US

Hello, Thanks for Dr. Sucheta. She is the best, She accepted all my comments to edit the assignment again without saying no. Again thanks.

College Biology (General)Raiyad, US

I haven\'t gotten a grade yet, but it looks like Budhesh did well and followed the directions. I would like him to help complete future assignments.

College Business (General)Erik, US

Very good at explaining concepts

College Chemistry (General)Jacques, US

Dr Sucheta really did a great job with my assignment she really helped me a lot.Her answers very clear and complete Thank you so much I will let you know about

College Biology (Biochemistry)NEAMA, US


College StatisticsMelissa, US

Good teacher!

College PhilosophyAshley, US

Definitely the professor to look out for here. The issue I have faced with a lot of professors here are sound issues...from her side I received none of that...p

MathematicsHaris, US

Yes, this tutor did a phenomenal job. Tutor did more than was required.

College Earth SciencesPatricia, US

Very friendly and efficient! Only want to use the same tutor always!!

College AlgebraJennah, US

I am a undergraduate from a University with a strict academic standards, the results of my assignments provided by my tutor Kanchan exceeded my expectations. I

College FinanceJuliAna, US

I like being able to see what Neha is talking about. This is going to be very helpful to me in my class

College StatisticsKristina, US

She was very patient and communicated with me very well!

EnglishAntionette, US

I really understand what i need to now thanks a lot it was good help !

College AlgebraRicky, US

Great tutor and timely delivery.

College Physics (General)Sen, US

Thank you

College English Reading and WritingChristianWalter, US

This is my first interaction with Eduwizards and I am totally impressed. Assignment help was impeccable. Looking forward to working with you! Jon, Florida

College Business (General)Jon, US

SAT Physics Class. " Was able to easily clear my doubts and understand the concepts I was struggling with."

SAT Subject: PhysicsManivannan, US

I think i have a very good tutor he explains things very well and make everything easy to undertsand

Class I - VIII KoreanRayana, US

Great help

College AlgebraJess, US

Very helpful

College Calculus I & IIMichael, US


College AccountingEduardo, US

This tutor took time to ensure that I understood a concept before we moved to another type of problem. I will request her for my next session

College Calculus I & IIKevinPatrick, US

Looks good.

College Chemistry (Analytical)Ridwani, US

Knew the concepts we discussed quite well.

College Calculus I & IIAntonio, US

Yes i got A in that assignment

College MacroeconomicsHamad, US

Very good tutor and he saved my life! Thank you!!!!

College Chemistry (General)Andrea, US

Great tutor.

College AlgebraBailey, US

At a moment that I needed it most, this tutor helped me out. Thank you, Mr. Ketan.

College Industrial EngineeringAmrazzz, US

Knowlegeable and friendly

College Biology (General)Sterling, US

Tutor has completed assignments correclty and I am satisfied

College Statistics SPSSLennora, US

Thank you so much, you were very helpful and on time. I will be back!

College SpanishStephanie, US

Thank you.

College Calculus I & IINikki, US

It was my first meeting on EduWizards, and she was very patient with me while I figured the website out.

ACT: MathElle, US

Excellent tutor.....You are the best!

College Mathematics (General)James, US


College Geography (General)Amanda, US

The tutor went over each questions I have step by step. His explanation was easy to understand and follow.Overall he was an excellent tutor and it was pleasant

College Physics (General)Hee, US

Very helpful and patient.

College Calculus III & IVSyd, US

He knew everything and he was fantastic! Would use again for sure.

College Calculus I & IIGarrett, US

She really wanted to make sure i really understood what i was doing. and gave me practice questions. challenged my way of thinking

College Calculus I & IIJacqua, US

Great tutor, very precise in his knowledge, will use again!

College Human ResourcesNoemi, US

Very good tutor and he saved my life! Thank you!!!!

College Chemistry (General)Andrea, US

I do thank you for the help with one of my math problems I was having, I do gave a 9 out of 10 for the tutor sessions

College AlgebraNatashaClay, US

My favorite tutor.

College AlgebraWarren, US

I dont know if he or she but is the best. my teacher could not answer this questions, but this tutor did. thank u very much

College AlgebraNeamatGatea, US

She is a good teacher.....

Class I - VIII SpanishJerrica, US

I'm very satisfied with the help I received.

College AccountingBoret, US

¡gracias jessica! tengas un buen fin de semana. disfruté hablar contigo.

College SpanishBrittainy, US

I thought the interaction was helpful. I caught the tutor off guard by introducing some terminology that is unique to specific teachers. She adjusted well.

College Calculus I & IITommyElliott, US

Absolutely fantastic!! Learned more tonight than I have in my 6 weeks of class! Thank you, Neha're the greatest!!

College StatisticsMark, US

I've received all the questions and their answers.. helped me so much on understanding the subject.

College Calculus III & IVMing, US

Usha Jain did a excellent job putting up with all my questions and not understanding. Usha Jain is great! I would defiantly recommend her.

College Biology (Genetics)Gina, US

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