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Abhijit is a pro, helped me right away and I know what I need to do Super smart and really helped!

College StatisticsKaren, US

She was very helpful

College AlgebraTatyanaGutierrez, US

The assignement help was very helpful. Thank you.

College Biology (General)Tamra, US

The Biology essay help is excellent and to the point. Please thank the tutor, for asking if I needed it to be more personalized. The tutor not only helped fi

College Biology (General)Cash, US

Very very helpful

College Calculus I & IIGeorge, US

She is so good! I get all of my questions answered right with her and she is super nice :)

College AlgebraFrances, US

This tutor was very helpful and knew what he was doing. He was able to understand the questions, answer them, and explain them very well.

College Physics (Electr. & Mag.)Justin, US

Everything was perfect 100% satisfied you guys are the best!!!!

College SpanishJosh, US

Thank you very much!!!!

College Chemistry (Organic)Kathryn, US


College Pre-CalculusAdrian, US

She helped me with the problem areas I had questions about.

College AlgebraMary, US

I could not asked for anyone better

College Pre-CalculusNicole, US

Clear and neat step by step calculations, very straight forward. would use tutor again for future assignment help. thanks.

College FinanceBaron, US

Excellent tutor, listed steps so I could easily understand.

College AlgebraAdam, US

AWESOME TUTOR!! Explains really well.

College AlgebraBlanca, US

Please thank Kermit Rose for helping with the math problems. His answers were great. THANKS!! We will use the service again when we need help.

College Differential EquationsSami, US

This was a good start for my assignment. I was COMPLETELY lost! thanks!

College Business (General)Tiffany, US


College Calculus I & IIJon, US

College AlgebraShweta, India

Wonderful tutor.

College StatisticsCaShea, US

Loved it got to the point in answering the quesrtions

College Biology(Biotechnology)Roderick, US

Great session! The tutor was on time and explained all of my questions. In one case provided written explanation of the rules when I was not understanding. E

College AlgebraElza, US

She was a huge help with a really difficult (for me anyway) MCAT problem

College Chemistry (Organic)Reshma, US

She was amazing! Best tutor yet!

College AlgebraCameron, US


College Physics (General)Nasaro, US

THE BEST !!!!!

College AccountingVadim, US

Thank you for the explanation. After looking at the calculations sent by the tutor, I realized where I was failing.

College Calculus I & IIRonald, US

Very great service, very helpful, very nice. Thanks so much Bhargavan!

College Biology (Anatomy)Jackie, US

Thank you so much, you were very helpful and on time. I will be back!

College SpanishStephanie, US

I haven\'t gotten a grade yet, but it looks like Budhesh did well and followed the directions. I would like him to help complete future assignments.

College Business (General)Erik, US

Chemistry actually makes sense to me now. Thank you

College Chemistry (General)Sairah, US

Thank you so much.

College Mathematics (General)BOHYUN, US

I really understand what i need to now thanks a lot it was good help !

College AlgebraRicky, US


College Biology (Botany)Dillon, US

Really helpful!!

College Chemistry (General)Shane, US

This tutor took time to ensure that I understood a concept before we moved to another type of problem. I will request her for my next session

College Calculus I & IIKevinPatrick, US

Neha is great. She went beyond what I expected.

MathematicsLorrain, US

This was an excellent first session. Would definitely try more sessions.

SAT I: MathAngelica, US

Thanks everything is fine.

College AlgebraRhonda, US

Thank u

College SpanishMichole, US

Thank you so much

College Calculus I & IIGabby, US

This tutor was helpful with a lot of the problem that I presented

College StatisticsKelli, US

He really took the time to help me through the night. Good Tutor!

College Calculus I & IIBrant, US

The assignment help is good.

College Business (General)Jerome, US

She is VERY Smart! Highly recommended!

College Physics (General)Maria, US

Very pleased

College AlgebraJaime, US

Fully explained concepts

College StatisticsJason, US

Thank you for everything!!!!!!!

College Calculus I & IISajan, US

Thank you so much. I received much more help than I expected. It would have been nice to have a program like this back in HS or college. Thank you so much!

College StatisticsLindsay, US

Very good. i look forward to future assistance.

College Electronics and Electrical EngineeringJustin, US


College Pre-CalculusAdrian, US

Great job, huge help to understand the problem!!

College Calculus I & IIJoseph, US

Fabulous!! Brillian instructor, patient, huge help

College StatisticsLisa, US

Cleared up all my confusion on the topics!

College Chemistry (Organic)PALOMA, US

Steve is truly a very good instructor/tutor and his knowledge in math (precal) appears second nature. I strongly recommend him as a tutor for anyone looking fo

College Pre-CalculusMichael, US

This service is great and its cheap and effective. Thanks

College Calculus I & IIWilliam, US

This is an awesome thing that Embry Riddle is offering!! I needed help trying to understand how to do something and this helped. I also was able to get immediat

College Mathematics (General)David, US

Very professional

College Physics (General)Kurt, US

Very informational and cleared up some questions I was having.

College Biology (General)Angela, US

This was a very helpful session for me. Here are some items that may be of interest to future students, they may differ with other classes, but this is how my t

College AlgebraJudyChampion, US


College Pre-CalculusJoshua, US

Tessa enjoys math and enjoys tuitoring

MusicTessa, US

Thank you! dedicated time to me and was not distracted or impatient. Very knowledgable.

College TrigonometryDavid, US

I appreciate Neha's help. It was a great help.

College Pre-CalculusHashimKhano, US

Everything is fine and the assignment was helpful in pointing me to the right direction.

CFA Certification TrainingRose, US

Excellent tutor! Very helpful!

College Calculus I & IIHolloway, US

She helped me a lot and she's really nice to talk to. I think I could ace my homework now because of her. Thank you so much again :D

College Environmental ScienceCieline, US


College StatisticsMelissa, US

I would highly recommend tutor Ankit A and eduwizards to everyone in need.

MathematicsDalila, US

I it was a really big help and very efficient!!!

College Chemistry (General)John, US

He helped so much !!!

College English Reading and WritingMay, US

I dont know if he or she but is the best. my teacher could not answer this questions, but this tutor did. thank u very much

College AlgebraNeamatGatea, US

She was amazing

College Biology (General)Sentifina, US

Was done well

College StatisticsZach, US

Such a huge help with this problem that was bugging me! Very thorough explanation! Thank you

College AccountingTyra, US

I would highly recommend tutor Ankit A and eduwizards to everyone in need.

MathematicsDalila, US

She really knows what she is talking about. :*)

College Physics (General)James, US

Great input.

College Calculus I & IIRavindra, US

Excellent tutor! Very helpful!

College Calculus I & IIHolloway, US

Thank you , You are doing Great job

College Economics (General)AZIZ, US

AMAZING! much better than any online tutor I've used in the past such as tutorvista or tutornext or any other personal physical tutor. Quick, concise, and very

College Calculus I & IINeelank, US

He was great

College GermanLana, US

Explained this very thoroughly

College TrigonometryWilfredo, US

Totally great work

College English Reading and WritingLarry, US

SAT Physics Class. " Was able to easily clear my doubts and understand the concepts I was struggling with."

SAT Subject: PhysicsManivannan, US

It's good.

College World HistoryAbdulmohsen, US

Great instructor

College Calculus I & IIEmily, US

Thank you so much, you were very helpful and on time. I will be back!

College SpanishStephanie, US

Excellent help. I was able to verify my answer and double check my work. Thanks much!

College AlgebraChris, US

Thanks very much helped me a lot when I was stuck!!!

College AlgebraShiane, US

You did an awesome job explaining what I needed to do. Thank you

College AlgebraAshley, US

Using eduwizards was very helpful. You focused on what I expected and feedbacks for my paper was a great way to let me know what my mistakes were. Thank you!

College English Reading and WritingMaiChoXiong, US

Happy to pay this tutor

College ManagementNawana, US

He helped so much !!!

College English Reading and WritingMay, US

​I had a great session and I will take the required steps to make it better for the next. I look forward to my next session. The instructor is awesome

College Calculus I & IILloyd, US


College Pre-CalculusJoshua, US

Top notch, very helpful with great research material cited.

College Biology (General)Gary, US

Thank you.

College Calculus I & IINikki, US

Explained concept really well

College Chemistry (General)Richard, US

Very quick and helpful. Thankyou!

College TrigonometryBrian, US

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