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Class XI PhysicsG.C., Delhi Cantt, New Delhi

Hello, Thanks for Dr. Sucheta. She is the best, She accepted all my comments to edit the assignment again without saying no. Again thanks.

College Biology (General)Raiyad, US

Looks fine to start giving regular tuitions to my son, I have confirm him for Chemistry tuition

Class XI ChemistryMehul, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Great help. knows what she is talking about!

College AlgebraAshley, US

Tutor is having a good knowledge and understanding as well.

Class XII MathematicsDebaditya, Kandivali West, Mumbai

Great tutor very helpful

College Chemistry (General)Ryan, US

We liked her good teaching skill. Very experienced in teaching.

Class I - VIII EnglishDivyamanee, India

The tutor was very patient, and made things very understandable for me

College AlgebraBriannalea, US

The charges are not reasonable.

Class X MathematicsKashish, Dwarka Sec 6, New Delhi

Very good.

College StatisticsKristina, US

As he teaches in special manner as per the mentality of the teacher

Class XI EconomicsSomya, Udaipur Shastri Circle, Udaipur

She knows her stuff great tutor she is really helping me

ACT: MathJulia, US

He is gud tutor.

Class XI PhysicsKhyati, Shalimar Bagh (North West Delhi), New Delhi

Best Tutor Ever !! Helped me lots!

EnglishErica, US

I am truly satisfied with this tutor and I am very glad to have such a nice tutor.Thank-you eduvizards

Class X MathematicsVaishnavi, IP Extension, New Delhi

Difficulty in maintaining connection so time was spent trying to figure that out. Tutor knows statistics. Accent sometimes makes communication challenging to

College StatisticsAllan, US

Very good

Class IX MathematicsJahnvi, India

Thanks for helping me out. You did a great job explaning

College Biology (General)Kelsy, US


College Mathematics (General)Namita, Rajokari, New Delhi

Everything was perfect 100% satisfied you guys are the best!!!!

College SpanishJosh, US

He is a very good tutor

Class I - VIII MathematicsPrabhat, India

Ashwani is very personable. I like him alot!Keep this tutor!He isalso very helpful.

College StatisticsKim, US

Knowledgeable teacher

Class I - VIII MathematicsGurpreet, Rajouri Market, New Delhi

Great job, huge help to understand the problem!!

College Calculus I & IIJoseph, US

Mam teaches well i can understand well.

Class I - VIII MathematicsMaria, India

Neha a is the best

College AlgebraByron, US

Tutor was good

Class XI AccountancyNaman, Palam Vihar (Gurgaon), Gurgaon

Excellent work

College ManagementCynthia, US

Good. need to focus on understanding.rrather than sesssions or portions

Class IX MathematicsSadashiv, Gayathrinagar, Bangalore

Good Communication Skills. System is fast. Very clear audio communication.

College Biology (General)Namita, India


Class X PhysicsHimanshu, E.K.T, Kolkata

I am confirming ny satisfaction with my assignment help.

College Biology (General)Giselle, US


Class I - VIII EnglishNeel, D. K. Mohan Garden, New Delhi

Neha was very patient and helpful, she was able to quickly answer the many questions I had on statistics.

College StatisticsPatrick, US

Very good

Class I - VIII MathematicsSunil, Dwarka Sec 6, New Delhi

Very Helpful!

College Calculus III & IVKen, US

She was good and handled the child efficiently.

Class I - VIII MathematicsMAMTA, Faridabad Sector 16, Faridabad

Assignment help was late but grade was still good

College FinanceRosa, US

Alok sir superbbb he did it for me...........

Class XI MathematicsAkshat, India

The session was very productive. Mr. Chainani not only explained concepts, but also guided me on how to be independent and learn new material on my own.

College AlgebraGregory, US

Mr.Amit Kumar Sonar is an excellent tutor.Appreciate.

Class XII MathematicsIndranil, Andheri, Mumbai

He is good and helpful .

College Biology (Cell)Waed, US


Class I - VIII MathematicsShriya, Mahabir Nagar, New Delhi

Excellent explanation. Very Helpful. Thanks!

College Chemistry (General)Garrett, US

Apparently, he happens to be an amazing tutor

Class I - VIII MathematicsGaanya, Medical College (Amritsar), Amritsar

Very well done. Lots of good information to use as reference material.

College FinanceCarey, US

It was good but she came for maths only i want 3 sub teacher maths, english and science...

Class I - VIII MathematicsKhushi, Bhedvad, Surat

Great Job!

College AlgebraKassidieRoudebush, US

Tutor is excellent.

Class IX MathematicsAyush, Rohini Sector 11, New Delhi

Great! Thanks

College Chemistry (General)Mary, US

Was good

Class IX - XII Microsoft ExcelBilal, Noida Sector 12, Noida

He was a huge help

MathematicsHykeem, US

Very good

College StatisticsAmeet, Bhandup West, Mumbai

Very understanding

College Mechanical EngineeringChethil, US

Very good

Class I - VIII MathematicsSahariya, Abul Fazal EnclaveI, New Delhi

Great help with this assignment Thank You!

College AccountingKim, US

Explains very nicely and patently

Class I - VIII MathematicsTitiksha, India

The tutor assigned to me was incredibly help full and timely when providing the help needed. Thank you for your assistance.

College Business (General)John, US

The topics were explained well with simple examples.Good interactive session.

College Statistics R ProgrammingAnita, India

I must do this again.....thanks....great work

College Biology (General)Yolanda, US

He is always on time.conceptually good

Class XII MathematicsHimesh, DLF QE, Gurgaon

Very helpful

College Calculus I & IIMichael, US

Very good

Class I - VIII MathematicsAditya, Noida, Noida

There were four errors but other than that the tutor did pretty good.

College AlgebraBong, US

We have seen her teaching and she is good for our child requirement.

Class I - VIII MathematicsGaurav, H.A.L II Stage, Bangalore

Great back to back interactive quizzes along the way. Helped me learn very quickly

College Biology (General)Max, US

Very good

Class IX MathematicsSybrella, Kannamwar Nagar, Mumbai

Very patient and makes it much easier for me to understand.

College Calculus I & IIDanielleBlum, US

Explains the topic with good examples

Class XI EconomicsSonu, Saharanpur City, Saharanpur

Worked very hard to help me with the problems. Would work with him again anytime.

College Calculus I & IIJeremy, US

Excellent teaching.Teaching style is awesome.i understood everything.

Class I - VIII Basic ComputersAli, Samskruthi, Hyderabad

I love working with Manjri.

College Linear AlgebraLori, US

My daughter is happy with the tutor

Class X HindiMrs, N I B M, Pune

Would absolutely use again

College Calculus I & IIMatt, US

Tutor was good

Class I - VIII EnglishCapt, I.E.Sahibabad, Ghaziabad


College Calculus I & IIDavidFox, US

Concept are very clear to me as the tutor made it very easy. His communication skills are excellent (English).

Class XII PhysicsSHUBHRA, Rohini Sector 5, New Delhi

She really knows what she is talking about. :*)

College Physics (General)James, US

DEEPAK was good and sincere tutor

College Mathematics (General)Laxmi, Sakinaka, Mumbai

This tutor is always helpful and polite. This tutor is my favorite one!

College StatisticsKaren, US

The content of teaching with the good approach. Best were the examples given to relate the things

Class XII MathematicsAnish, India

Vanessa covered the materials in detail, and systematically helped our daughter in understanding and oral expression. The session was well done and very effici

Class I - VIII SpanishOH, US

Tutor is very good and helpful.

Class XI ChemistryPrerna, Karala, New Delhi

Very patient, but had to work through perceived understanding assumptions made by the Raj. Maybe he's used to more proficient students who knows all the steps

College Calculus I & IIMichael, US

Well mannered and a sophisticated tutor. Manages the student easily

Class I - VIII MathematicsSakshi, DLF QE, Gurgaon

Great instructor

College Calculus I & IIEmily, US

Tutor is good.He is having good profile.

Class X PhysicsRohit, Dwarka Sec 6, New Delhi

It was fun.

MathematicsNoah, US

Good teaching methods will be used

Class I - VIII MathematicsShruti, Vikas Puri, New Delhi

Patient thank you

College Calculus I & IIWayne, US

Unique and good teaching style....thank u

Class XII PhysicsNinad, Borivali East, Mumbai

Session flowed very well.

College Biology (General)Philana, US

Session with good. He seemed to be a dedicated teacher. Rest will be clear once he starts teaching.

Class I - VIII MathematicsPratham, Juhu, Mumbai

Very friendly and efficient! Only want to use the same tutor always!!

College AlgebraJennah, US

The tutor was good.

Class IX - XII Microsoft OfficeKaushal, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi

It is much better and faster with voice communication.

College Chemistry (General)Frankelle, US


Class I - VIII MathematicsKhushi, Distt. Court Complex, Saket, New Delhi

Definitely the professor to look out for here. The issue I have faced with a lot of professors here are sound issues...from her side I received none of that...p

MathematicsHaris, US

I will continue with the same tutor.

Class IX HistorySanjana, Gurgaon, Gurgaon

So far so good!!!

Class I - VIII GermanAvry, US

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