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Excelent session I have

College AlgebraUdit, India


College Calculus I & IIMohammed, US


College AlgebraLee, US

Great work and Great Help! Will use again!!!

MathematicsWilliam, US

Absolutely fantastic!! Learned more tonight than I have in my 6 weeks of class! Thank you, Neha're the greatest!!

College StatisticsMark, US

Excellent thanks

College Calculus I & IIMichelle, US

Thank you for all your help.

College Electronics and Electrical EngineeringPriyanka, US

This person was very helpful and explained everything. I'll definitely choose them again

College AlgebraMikaelaBialy, US

The tutor did a grat job.

College Business (General)Sara, US


College AlgebraStephanieRamales, US

By far the best of the tutors I have used so far. He has always provided a step by step solution - not just an answer.

College Calculus I & IIBrian, US

Very helpful!!

College Biology (Genetics)Ani, US

Great assistance. Highly recommend this tutor for College level work

College AlgebraElias, US

Good job

College Economics (General)Teakyung, US

Very good

College Biology (General)Delma, US

Good trial session, I plan to purchase tutoring time with Madhavi. Thanks

College AlgebraDaniel, US

Very good at what he does. I actually spoke with him and he went over some difficult material step by step. Highly recommended!

College AlgebraVernon, US

Was done well

College StatisticsZach, US

Neha was an excellent tutor who I highly recommend to anyone needing help in trig. :)

College TrigonometryAngel, US

Tutor Katherine is always good.

EnglishZee, US

Amazing tutor! I simply had no idea how to do any of my pre-exam problems and Ashish explained them to the fullest. Even better than the tutor I have at the col

College Chemistry (Organic)Jessia, US

Great Tutor very nice and learned a lot. Also have notes to help me study more problems.

College Pre-CalculusAndrew, US

I am still learning her style, this is my first session with her. I was able to work out some problems after my session, so I only hope my skills get even bette

College AlgebraDwanna, US


College AccountingSchyvanda, US

This guy is good...I recommend him over others...very confident...he doe not waste time...gets through many problems quick

College Physics (Modern)Jose, US

Great help with this assignment Thank You!

College AccountingKim, US

The tutor caught some things I had missed, which was just what I wanted. They made very good suggestions. Easy to understand. Thank you.

College English Reading and WritingJeanineVanDerLaar, US

Thank you Arpita for an excellent job, I truly appreciate it.

College Biology (Molecular)LB, US

As I said during the session, I have little knowledge of calculus, so I can't rate the session as well as someone who is more knowledgeable can. However, I have

College Calculus I & IIToniKnott, US

He was one of the best, I would definetly rate him with an "A"

College StatisticsMargaret, US

Real easy to work with. Breaks down Statistics steps to a basic level of understanding. Recommend for anyone struggling with Statistics

College StatisticsSean, US

Thank you very much! Very helpful!

College Physics (General)Zachary, US

Got a good grade

College ManagementJoyce, US

Very nice session. Asked very good questions to understand what I was trying to learn. Good pacing and came to the session very well prepared with the document

College StatisticsJim, US

Pahni was very helpful! I look forward to working with him again. He explained everything on the white board. Great help to work through the difficult problems.

College StatisticsSCOTT, US

Great help.... made my problem look really easy

College Calculus I & IIRodolfo, US

Explained concept really well

College Chemistry (General)Richard, US

Always a big help. Highly recommend.

College AlgebraGina, US

Cleared up all my confusion on the topics!

College Chemistry (Organic)PALOMA, US

Neha A was very helpful. Neha A explained the steps in detail and I will be using Neha again if needed.

College AlgebraCraig, US

Manjri, I can't thank you enough. You were patient, helpful, and very informed about the algebra subject. I felt very comfortable as you went through the steps

College AlgebraAnnie, US

I am confirming ny satisfaction with my assignment help.

College Biology (General)Giselle, US

Connection was poor which caused the audio to be choppy. instruction was fine.

College Calculus I & IIBrion, US

Great instructor

College Calculus I & IIEmily, US

Shipra is super organized, always calling or e-mailing to remnd me of my schedule sessions. Her knowledge base is outstanding.

College Chemistry (General)MOnique, US


College Geography (General)Amanda, US

He was a huge help

MathematicsHykeem, US

Using eduwizards was very helpful. You focused on what I expected and feedbacks for my paper was a great way to let me know what my mistakes were. Thank you!

College English Reading and WritingMaiChoXiong, US


College FinanceAllan, US

Very organized, thank you.

College Biology (Zoology)Paola, US

Great work, I will be using him when needed.

College Differential EquationsAndre, US

Pretty good. The first time i didn't know how to work with the program. I tried again, establish contact and Mr. Raj explained all my mistakes.

College Calculus I & IIJuan, US

The session was very productive. Mr. Chainani not only explained concepts, but also guided me on how to be independent and learn new material on my own.

College AlgebraGregory, US

She was really nice and really helped me

College AlgebraReshma, US

The Tutor got 7.5 out 10 . It was a okay grade. thanks for tutors effort. I will work with this company again. Thats why Thanks for the tutor and you guys who h

College PhilosophyOrcun, US


College Pre-CalculusAdrian, US

Steve is truly a very good instructor/tutor and his knowledge in math (precal) appears second nature. I strongly recommend him as a tutor for anyone looking fo

College Pre-CalculusMichael, US

Great explanation

College Physics (General)Nahor, US

Very patient, but had to work through perceived understanding assumptions made by the Raj. Maybe he's used to more proficient students who knows all the steps

College Calculus I & IIMichael, US

I really like working with ankit, he is pretty nice tutor friendly and easy going...

College AccountingHira, US

I am very satisfied with my session with Gayatri. She is patient and kind and encouraged me to do my best. She is available when needed and promptly responds to

College AlgebraWill, US

Very great service, very helpful, very nice. Thanks so much Bhargavan!

College Biology (Anatomy)Jackie, US

Great response, thank you for your help. It was quicker than I thought too, which is great.

College Calculus I & IIShane, US


Class I - VIII Advance ComputersCezar, US

All my sessions with Manjri Khullar were great. She takes he time and ensures you understand the problems.

College StatisticsNiya, US

Excellent,my first experience

College Pre-CalculusDaniel, US

Hard to understand, but helped me with my problem very quickly! Would use again.

College TrigonometryShane, US

Real easy to work with. Breaks down Statistics steps to a basic level of understanding. Recommend for anyone struggling with Statistics

College StatisticsSean, US

Very good thank you

College Calculus I & IIHope, US

I am very happy with the help.

College StatisticsEdward, US

Always a big help. Highly recommend.

College AlgebraGina, US

I am a undergraduate from a University with a strict academic standards, the results of my assignments provided by my tutor Kanchan exceeded my expectations. I

College FinanceJuliAna, US

Raju is amazing. You really learn & I am not easy to teach lol. He puts you to the test to make sure you understand. But the way he teaches you, even if your no

College Chemistry (General)Rene, US

He is a big help

College FinanceChadam, US

You are great

College AlgebraAbeer, US

Great tutor, very precise in his knowledge, will use again!

College Human ResourcesNoemi, US

He's a good tutor...I like how he explains to you everything until you understand...

College Physics (Electr. & Mag.)Queenie, India

Sound system does not have clarity.

College Calculus III & IVSai, US

Very good math teaching. Good explanations.

ACT: MathMichael, US


College AlgebraLee, US

She is VERY Smart! Highly recommended!

College Physics (General)Maria, US

Neha is very helpful and makes sure I always understand what we are working on.

College Calculus I & IIAmberHagar, US

She really takes the time to explain and is patient with her explanations. She will repeat herself if necessary without getting frustrated. Extremely helpful

College Calculus I & IIEden, US

The assignment help was well put together. Thanks

College MacroeconomicsLarry168, US

​I had a great session and I will take the required steps to make it better for the next. I look forward to my next session. The instructor is awesome

College Calculus I & IILloyd, US

I am so pleased with my tutor he helped me with my homework assignment, and I was able to follow along

College AccountingNikki, US

This is my first interaction with Eduwizards and I am totally impressed. Assignment help was impeccable. Looking forward to working with you! Jon, Florida

College Business (General)Jon, US

Was very helpful in checking the work and suggesting corrections.

College SpanishAditya, India

SAT Physics Class. " Was able to easily clear my doubts and understand the concepts I was struggling with."

SAT Subject: PhysicsManivannan, US

This is an awesome thing that Embry Riddle is offering!! I needed help trying to understand how to do something and this helped. I also was able to get immediat

College Mathematics (General)David, US

Ms. Lorraine is a great spanish tutor.

College SpanishShawn, US

Vanessa covered the materials in detail, and systematically helped our daughter in understanding and oral expression. The session was well done and very effici

Class I - VIII SpanishOH, US

Great help!

College Calculus I & IIVincent, US

Everything worked out fines thanx a lot.

College Discrete MathematicsReaynard, US

I was very pleased with the results I got. I received the correct answer, along with step-by-step instructions on how the answer was obtained. Best tutoring sit

College TrigonometryRahul, India

So far so good!!!

Class I - VIII GermanAvry, US

Excellent tutor! Very intelligent and helpful. He helped me with some chemistry problems.

College Chemistry (General)ShawndaHenault, US

Patient thank you

College Calculus I & IIWayne, US

I haven\'t gotten a grade yet, but it looks like Budhesh did well and followed the directions. I would like him to help complete future assignments.

College Business (General)Erik, US


College Calculus I & IIRandy, US

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